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Easily Renew Bluebook from Khalti App

If you own a private vehicle then you can renew Bluebook from Khalti. The prominent digital wallet has added this feature that will spare you hours of long queues at transport offices.

The service is available for Khalti users in Kathmandu only. But the company says, the service will reach other places soon.

With this feature, owners of private two or four-wheeler vehicles renew bluebook from Khalti in a few steps. To do this, Khalti users must first update their details to register their vehicle through the online Vehicle Registration System (VRS) before making the payment.

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Steps to Renew Bluebook from Khalti

Vehicle owners can register their vehicles easily through the Nagarik app or TMIS website. Once the details are submitted, the transport management department will authenticate the vehicles for many services including online bluebook renewal.

After the registration completes, vehicle owners need to follow the steps below to renew the bluebook from Khalti.

  • Launch Khalti.
  • Go to the “Government Services” and tap to Bluebook Renew.
  • Fill in the required details and proceed to pay.

Khalti will instantly process the tax payment and you will receive the bill in around 10 minutes.

For clarity, a sample bill will be provided to illustrate the details. You can get both these bills from Khalti’s Transaction section on the homepage.

For further processing, you can visit your concerned government office and submit the formal bill within 30 days.

Bluebook renewal follows Khalti’s series of new services in recent months. Since the appointment of Binay Khadka as its CEO, Khalti has added multiple services that have elevated its user experience and reinforced its Mission Digital.

From joining the network of FonePay to payment of drinking water, taxes payment, and now the bluebook renewal, all available to over 2 million Khalti users on smartphones.

How do you like the bluebook renewal feature on Khalti? Is it groundbreaking to you or think it still needs some revision? Do let us know in the comments below.

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