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Khalti Finally Integrates FonePay Scan to Aid Digital Payment

Nepal’s prominent digital wallet Khalti has finally included FonePay into its range of features. Now, Khalti app users will have the advantage of the ‘Scan & Pay’ feature of FonePay.

With the integration of FonePay, Khalti users will be able to pay their bills at restaurants, malls, hotels, or other such services just by scanning QR codes.

The rival digital wallet eSewa has long included FonePay into its network of services. Now, Khalti will join other PSPs such as CellPay, PrabhuPay, and IME Pay in its ecosystem.

FonePay was arguably a much-noted feature missing on Khalti, and now it has come aboard to the delight of its 2 million+ users.

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How to use Khalti to scan FonePay’s QR code and pay?

With FonePay entering into their Khalti app, users can only scan and pay for services from stores, to restaurants, among others. If you didn’t know to this works, it is butter easy.

  • First, launch the app.
  • Click on Scan & Pay on the card that has the QR Code provided by FonePay.
  • It starts scanning the QR code.
  • Fill up the amount and necessary detail.
  • Authenticate your transaction with a PIN or the fingerprint and,
  • The payment will be done.

For your reference, Khalti keeps transaction records of 30 days by default.

Note: You can also Modify the search to check on older histories.

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Khalti and FonePay, that complements each other

Khalti is a mobile payment solution. You can download the app, load money into it from your bank accounts or at cash points, and pay for many services online including water, and electricity bills. Meanwhile, FonePay is a Payment Service Operator. You don’t load money into it, it only helps you process the payment. To illustrate, you can use a PSP vendor such as the Khalti app to scan QR codes provided by a PSO such as FonePay. This processes the transaction easily on your smartphone and you can make the payment.

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Here, FonePay will serve as an added solution for online payment to Khalti users.

Fonepay has merchants of over 500K, and Khalti users will be able to Scan & Pay for their services to make cashless payments.

How excited are you with Khalti’s integration of FonePay’s QR scan feature? Will it be a key feature for Khlati users in the coming days to stick with Khalti? Do share with us in the comments below.

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