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Now You Can Pay Taxes to the Kathmandu Metropolitan via Khalti

If you live in the valley you can pay your Kathmandu Metropolitan taxes from Khalti, saving you both time and hassle.

Prominent digital wallet Khalti has added a feature that allows users to pay their taxes to the Kathmandu Metropolitan online. With this new feature, the wallet users can pay various taxes and revenues on the go over the internet. These payable services include land, house, rent, vehicle, means, business taxes, all from Khalti on the go.

Upon the launch of this new feature, Khalti CEO Binya Khadka expressed his delight. He said, “We are confident that it will be easier for the residents of the area to pay their taxes and service charges online at the local level. We also hope that it will be easier and safer to use the service at home during the current Covid-19 epidemic. ”

Likewise, the feature would ease off thousand of taxpayers inside the valley to pay their liabilities without visiting the office.

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Steps to pay taxes to Kathmandu Metropolitan via Khalti

  • First, you need to visit Kathmandu Metropolican’s taxpayer portal
  • There, you will need to fill up your details and get yourself registered
  • Once registered, log in to the portal entering your username and password
  • Your details are recorded once you successfully log in to the portal
  • As you choose the tax to pay, the portal will asses your tax details
  • If the details are correct, you will be able to complete the process by selecting the pocket in the payment options

This new addition will spare people a walk to the office to pay their taxes and revenues. Cashless payment is taking over, and this feature will further delight Khalti users.

Khalti, a 5-year-old company has attained an envious brand value in Nepal’s fin-tech industry. Currently, its mobile payment services span across over 2 million active users, and over 30 thousand agents network.

With Khalti, you have the ability to pay for utility bills, book tickets for buses, or flights, pay for various government services, and also pay insurance premiums. In addition, Khalti also provides various cash-backs and discounts to its users to help them save their time and money.

You can download the Khalti app from here

What more payment options do you expect from Khalti? Do share with us in the comments below.

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