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Meta and Httpool by Aleph hold a joint event for digital advertisers

On June 18, Meta and its authorized sales partner in Nepal, Httpool by Aleph held a joint event for Nepali digital advertisers. The event is being called a milestone that offered key insights on digital advertising and building brands through Meta platforms.

In total, 200 attendees joined the flagship event. Among them were from industries, tech backgrounds, top executives, marketing experts, and digital media professionals.

Httpool by Aleph is the authorized sales partner of Meta for Nepal and 18 markets and is focused on result-driven projects for clients on Meta’s platforms. In Nepal, the company serves as a direct point of contact for all apps, services, and products.

Nepal is a digitally thriving country, Meta says and has a “dynamically growing eCommerce market” and the idea of digital marketing is well on the rise.  

Digital marketing is growing in Nepal!

Here, Regional digital business models such as aggregator sites, and payment solutions, and as such are already driving the market growth. So, the prospects for digital advertising are considered in high esteem.

Httpool by Aleph operates locally in Kathmandu and has a highly motivated team in Nepal. With its bespoke support, the company provides support in both official and national languages for brands and advertisers across Nepal.  

What is also crucial is that Httpool by Aleph allows digital advertising in Nepali currency making payment straightforward for Nepali advertisers.

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Meta and Httpool by Aleph event in Kathmandu

The event was a unique and rare opportunity for participants which offered valuable insights about digital advertising leveraging strategies, practices, and case studies.

Sunny Nagpal, Managing Director of Httpool by Aleph in Asia Pacific (APAC) was among those present at the event. Of the company, he said: “As the Authorized Sales Partner for Nepal, Httpool by Aleph enables in-market support and consulting for advertisers. We are proud to provide access to workshops and training across the region, enabling all advertisers in the market to learn new skills and get the most out of Meta’s platforms.”

At the event, the leadership team of Httpool by Aleph and five local industry experts shared their knowledge, and expertise on Nepal’s future in digital marketing.

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The event is considered a rare and significant milestone for the digital industry in Nepal. Through subject experts and leaders, it acquainted participants with the latest trends and innovations in digital advertising. The event drew positive responses from the attendees too.

The partnership between Meta and Httpool by Aleph is certain to maintain envious growth in the digital advertising industry.  

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