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.np domain name to come at a cost, renewal every two years

From now on, the .np domain will come at a cost. The new provision is established in the Ministry of Communication, Information, and Technology (MoCIT)’s recently released draft bill for Information Technology and Cybersecurity.

The draft bill’s section 6 holds the new charge ruling regarding the .np domain Nepal. Article 66 mentions that the government (Cybersecurity Department) will monitor, regulate, and manage the dot np domain. More particularly, Article 67 maintains that individuals or organizations will need to pay for the registration of the .np domain. The cost for the registration will be determined by the cybersecurity-related department.

.np domain to have a cost

After registration, no other individual or organization will be able to use that particular domain name. It’s also mentioned that domain names shall not closely resemble others or undermine others or the applicants may face a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh.

Government agencies will be required to register their portal under the domain. Likewise, the registered .np domain shall be renewed every two years. Also, all the existing domain names with .np must be registered when this draft bill is approved for implementation.

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Government rules that .np domain names will be charged

Significantly, the government has made this provision over putting a price on the dot np domain names. Since its inception, the .np domain has been maintained by Mercantile Communications. It looks as if the government is now bringing the popular domain under its direct regulation.

Much about this is still under discussion and more information shall emerge in the next coming days. Also, since it’s a draft bill, the decision has not been implemented but it’s only likely that it will be approved. In the meantime, you can send your suggestions to the government regarding this draft bill at

How to register in the .np domain in Nepal?

Here are the steps to register a name in the .np domain in Nepal:

  • Go to the registration page of and click on Search to see if your preferred domain is available
  • If the entered domain is available, then click on “Register Now” and if it’s not, then enter another name to try
  • On the next page, enter the email and the password for the registration
  • Enter the required details and click “Create Accounts”
  • Check your email for verification
  • Sign in with your account, enter the details, and upload the documents asked for
  • You need to wait for the approval.
how to regsiter in the .np domain

What do you think of the government setting up a price on the popular .np domain name? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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