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Yatri P1 Gen 2 is launching soon at a more affordable cost

Find out the Yatri P1 Gen 2 price in Nepal. The company, Nepal’s pioneer electric motorcycle manufacturer is prepared to launch its second-generation two-wheeler electric motorcycle and we have the first few details. The company has been sharing tidbits of the upcoming model en route to unveiling its new generation EV and the consumer market is set abuzz with it. Let’s hit a stride and learn all there’s so far about the Yatri P1 Gen2 motorcycle.

The P1 Gen 2 electric motorbike is built on the path from the first-generation one- The Yatri P1 EV. So, expectedly, the upcoming model shall carry the same design language but might be an “entirely different beast” in the company’s words. That means the P1 Gen2 from Yatri will be a café racer with large wheelers in a minimalistic body design with large tires and some exciting features to add value.

Yatri P1 Gen 2 motorbike
The company shared the Yatri P1 Gen 2 electric motorbike image

The company is more than eager to build world-class products in Nepal and we only expect the same this time around too. Yatri launched Project 0 and Project 1 electric bikes in 2021 to nationwide election and fervor and has been a hit especially the P1 model thanks to its more affordable model.

Electric motorcycle Yatri P1 Gen 2 price in Nepal

Regarding the cost, it’s emerged that the Yatri P1 Gen2 will come at a slightly cheaper price. The Yatri P1 Gen 2 price in Nepal will start at Rs 4.50 lakh, a decrease from Rs 5.65 lakh for the current-generation P1 EV.

Yatri motorbikePrice in Nepal
Yatri P1 Gen 2Rs 4.50 lakh
Yatri P1 Gen 2 price in Nepal

The price decrease comes in trade for the reduced motor size. According to the company, the Yatri P1 Gen 2 will come with a 10 kW electric motor and offer a 110 km range on a single full charge. The model is currently under testing and after the trial is completed, the lineup will come into the market. The company could bring the Yatri P1 Gen 2 EV bike by May 2024.

The company says that the new P1 Gen 2 will offer better and more consistent performance and will also be suited for longer and more adventurous trips.

Yatri has so far launched Yatri P0 and P1 electric motorbikes. It has recently sorted out the issue of number plate registration which has removed that part of the inconvenience of buying the Yatri EVs. The upcoming model should embody the company’s future ambitions and will also test its clout given the intensely growing EV market in Nepal. In the meantime, you can check the best electric bikes in Nepal.

What do you think of the Yatri P1 Gen 2 price in Nepal and its possible specs? Do you want the model to have a similar resemblance to its first-generation sibling or prefer a major change? Do share with us in the comments below.

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