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Rakuten Viber is registered in Nepal, Others in line

Popular messaging app Rakuten Viber has been registered in Nepal being the first social media company to be in the country. The company has been registered with the Ministry of Communication, Information, and Communication (MoCIT). The move conforms with the government’s Social Media Management Guidelines 2080 in Nepal.

Viber’s registration in Nepal comes as a pivotal milestone as the country pledges to bring foreign tech services under its direct regulation. With this, the government can closely check on Viber’s operations in Nepal and subject it to the country’s laws and regulations while the company will also benefit from legally operating all of its services. Despite being more popular as a messaging app, Viber operates a number of services including allowing users to book bus and flight tickets via the app among many.

Earlier, Google was also registered in Nepal. In 2023, foreign tech companies Google, Facebook, and TikTok paid taxes to the government. However, Except for Google, others are not registered. Social Media Giant TikTok is banned and now the Chinese company is courting the government for its reversal and promises registration.

Ramesh Pandey, Deputy Secretary of the MoCIT and Social Media Management Unit Coordinator said that Viber has been listed as per the Social Media Management Guidelines 2080. He added that other social networks are also in the process of listing.

Viber is registered in Nepal

Taking precedence from Viber, other popular social media apps in Nepal should also seek registration in the near future.

In 2023, the government introduced the Social Media Management Guidelines 2080 with the aim to manage and regulate social networks operating in Nepal. The Guidelines urged social network operators (individuals, organizations, or companies) to be registered in the MoCIT.

Under the same provision, Viber has been registered as a social media in Nepal. Next in line are, LinkedIn, Snap Chat, etc. Pandey said that the process to register them is pending due to paperwork and the work might be completed soon. Tech companies are required to pay a total of 15% tax in Nepal comprising a 13% VAT and 2% digital tax.

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