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CG Motors Launches Neta V |Price in Nepal

Chaudhary Group’s EV company CG Motors has launched Neta V, its first-ever eco-friendly electric vehicle. The company believes its electric EV will help curb Nepal’s huge petroleum liabilities and help government policies of minimizing fuel imports.

“The government plans to halve the consumption of petroleum products, which is a major factor in Nepal’s trade deficit, by 2050,” said Nirwan Chaudhary, MD of CG Chaudhary Group.

The company announced Neta V on the occasion of World Environment Day. Kulman Ghising, the Executive Director of the Nepal Electricity Authority, was also present at the public event. Ghising also discussed NEA’s efforts to encourage a shift toward EVs.

Ghising said, ‘Driving an electric vehicle is very cheap. Emphasis should be given on using EVs as they are also environmentally friendly, ‘he said.

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Likewise, he also talked about the need to gradually go for hydrogen vehicles. He shared that using electric and hydro vehicles would reduce the consumption of petroleum products and reduce the extreme trade deficit caused largely by fuels.

The NEA Director also said NEA is building 50 charging stations across the country.

About Neta V

Neta V is manufactured by a Chinese company Hozon Auto New Energy Vehicle Company. The company’s R&D is located in Silicon Valley, California.

Neta V was unveiled in China in 2020. Neta V offers over a 401 km range per one full charge. The battery installed has a capacity of 38.5 kW/hr. Similarly, the battery and motor have 8 years or 1.5 lakh kilometers warranty.

Neta V price in Nepal

The electric motor on the front axle produces 70 kWh PMSM . The automatic heating and cooling system are set up to maintain battery performance in both summer and winter seasons.

  • Range: 401 km
  • Max speed: 101 km/hr.
  • Battery and motor lifespan: 8 years or 1.50 lakh km
  • Motor: 70 kW
  • Charging: 30-80% in 30 minutes with a fast charger/full charge in 8 hours via a normal charger
  • Ground clearance: 160 mm
  • Seating capacity: 5 people

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CG Neta V Price in Nepal

CG Neta V is available in 5 colors in Nepal. CG Motors has increased the price of the Neta V electric car in Nepal after a recent tax revision. Previously costing Rs 37.99 lakh, now the popular EV model costs Rs 38.99 lakh, increasing by Rs 1 lakh. The company says customers who buy the EV will also receive a 6.6 kW charger and one year of insurance for free upon purchase.

CG Motor VehiclePrice in Nepal
Neta V EVRs 37.99 lakhs Rs 38.99 lakh

For the enthusiasts of electric cards? Neta V offers an excellent choice. It comes with a mix of beautiful interiors complemented by its respectable performance capacity. With 5 people seating capacity, it offers a brilliant family ride. Would you make a move for it? Share with us in the comments below.

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