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Online Tax Payment Begins in Bharatpur

  • Online Tax Payment begins in Bharatpur on Tuesday, June 7th, an initiative in line with the “smart city” vision
  • The public can pay tax from their smartphone on the Metropolitan’s website
  • The service allows payment of taxes for business, land, rent, vehicles, ads, etc.

Bharatpur Metropolitan City has started an online tax payment service. A ceremony was held today on Tuesday, June 7th to announce the online payment service that will benefit thousands of smartphone users to pay taxes at their own convenience.

With this service, people in Bharatpur will be able to clear their taxes to the municipality from an online system. But this doesn’t mark the beginning of the online payment system. Previously, the local government made an online payment system for maps and recommendation charges. Now, people in the city have the option of paying all their taxes on the go.

The people within the metro can now pay taxes online for wealth, land, vehicles, entertainment and ads, house, land, rent, etc. This is part of a drive for the promised and continued smart city concept for the evolving city.

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Online tax payment for good governance

The newly re-elected Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan, Renu Dahal said that the online tax payment system will contribute to good governance. We are moving forward with the concept of a smart city. The online tax payment in Bharatpur will play a crucial role for efficient public service delivery with good governance.”

She added that elected representatives, employees, and the public all should start adopting technology in these growingly digital times.

Likewise, Deputy Mayor of Bharatpur Metro Chitrasen Adhikari deemed it a start of historically significant work. Adhikari shared that he believes online tax payment is an important step toward building a smart city. “We had shown commitment to a smart city during the local election campaign. We have begun that. We need all the authorial bodies to participate for its effective implementation,” he shared.

Administrative Officer Rambandhu Subedi said that the online payment will help for good governance within the city. It reduces corruption. The public won’t have to stay in a long queue. Workload also reduces for civil servants. We need to continue growing use of technology.”  

Subedi also shared that digital service will reach all the wards. “Employees and the public both will be trained for this,” he added.

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How to pay taxes online in Bharatpur?

To pay taxes online, you need to first confirm your taxpayer number. You can find it in the receipts of the tax you paid for wealth, land, etc. Then, you can go to the web page of Bharatpur Metropolitan and pay your tax online.

Online payment is the form these days. It is convenient and time-saving for most people. But not everyone is digitally sound. And although training for the uninitiated is on the way, it could still pose a challenge for the moment. Those who are not digitally able will find it hard to make a switch to digital payment. Besides, the lack of devices and the internet could be other hindrances. However, online payment is not the sole method but an alternative for people who can afford it.

Do you think the governments must step up to grow the online tax payment system in Nepal by training the public skills for it, or do you prefer the cash system? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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