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Digital Technologies in Budget Speech FY 079/80

Find out all the major plans and policies relating to digital technologies in the budget speech FY 079/80.

The government of Nepal has announced plans and policies for the next fiscal year 079/80 today on May 29th. Finance Minister Janardan Sharma laid out the government’s goals from the federal parliament which totaled over NPR 1.793 trillion in expenses.

Below is the list of plans and policies that closely relate to the use of technology for various projects.

Green hydrogen technology chemical fertilizer

The government plans to set up a fertilizer industry to produce chemical manure using green hydrogen technology.

Digital map and updates

The government will render public lands’ details digitally. The minister told the government will keep a digital record of public, and community lands’ digital updates including their maps, and hand them over to local administration. He added that 126 offices will establish an IT-based integrated house and land systems using satellite technology.  

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Poor family Information system

The government will set up poor family information systems to obtain uniform information about such families. The government will use the details to address their needs.

Electronic health updates

The government will keep citizens’ keep electronic health updates. For this, major hospitals across the country will have an electronic health information system established next fiscal year.

Telemedicine for Nepalese working abroad

In line with health service, the minister also announced plans to start telemedicine service for Nepalese working abroad. As per this plan, Nepali citizens abroad will receive online health consultations via phone calls and video conferences.

Foreign employment information system

The government will start providing all the foreign employment-related information through online mediums from the next fiscal year. This will help the foreign work aspirants obtain information and conveniently process their work abroad. Check out: The Government Allows Labor Approval Online

Meanwhile, labor permission available only in Kathmandu will be made available online from all labor and employment offices across the country.

Conversion to EVs

The government will gradually encourage the conversion of existing vehicles plying the roads in Kathmandu into electric vehicles (EVs). Likewise, an automated system will be established to measure pollution coming from vehicles.

Electronic payment and study for ropeway

An electronic payment system will be started in main cities for transport fares. A feasibility study will be done into the use of ropeways in hilly and mountain regions.  

Driving license in a month

Likewise, Provincial offices will be given authority to run trials and award driving licenses in a month after submitting the driving license form. Do read: Transport Office to Issue Driving License from Chitwan

Digital banking

To improve quality and security, transactions of all three levels of government revenues, grants, and other payments will be done through banking channels.

Free electric stove for families

The government will provide one stove per family. With the design to displace LPG, the initiative will start from Singhadurbar. Within three months, all offices within metro and sub metro will have LP gas replaced with induction stoves.

Smart meter for all

The government will expand smart meters beyond the Kathmandu valley. Likewise, poor families will get a smart meter for free. Households that only consume up to 20 units of power will also receive a smart meter for free.

Public offices to buy EVs

It is mandated that from next fiscal year public offices will need to buy electric vehicles. This ruling will help ease the liabilities of fuel costs and also contribute to a greener environment.

40% tax exemption for auto assembly industries

Minister Sharma announced that the government will waive a 40 percent tax on auto assembly industries. This is to promote domestic auto industries and lessen the costs of final products. The policy will stay in place for 5 years.

Likewise, the industries that open in rural and remote areas will receive the benefit for up to 15 years.

6.53 billion Sanctioned for railway

In addition, 6.53 billion has been allocated for railway and metro railways.

Studies will be conducted for the east-west, Bardibas, and Nijgadh railway projects as well. Other tests will be done for Biratnagar-Dharan, Pathlaiya-Birgunj, Bhairahawa-Butwal and Pokhara metropolitan city.

Which policy from his budget speech delighted you the most? You can share your remarks in the comments below.

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