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All Nepali Government websites To Maintain A Similar Structure

Nepali government websites will carry a similar resemblance in structure, feel and navigation, etc. The directive on the development and management of official websites of government offices, 2078 BS is published in the gazette. This enumerates the specifications websites will need to maintain.

The new directive follows MoICT executing the rights granted by the Governance (Management & Operation) Act 2064. Now, the government offices will need to comply with the specifications established in the latest directive on their sites.

The directive will bring uniformity among the websites which will make it easy for visitors. They will have user-friendly navigation, content by category, and could print documents easily. Similar-looking websites mean, it will be easy for maintenance and their protection will conform to the same directive.

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Newer Provisions Government Websites

Besides, websites maintenance, there is a provision for security audit for each government website. The websites must also maintain strict privacy and validate it every year by MoICT departs.

From now on, every public office must have a web administrator to update and upgrade its website. The ICT Ministry will reserve the right to monitor whether government offices have maintained their web pages as instructed in the directive.

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What Is In The Directive?

The MoICT will first design a template that every government office will follow for their sites. User-friendly navigation, categorization of contents, printable, content accessibility are some of the themes of the directive.

Similarly, the websites must have low bandwidth mode that will help them load faster and they must open with the proper layout on tabs, smartphones, and laptops.

What do you think of government offices designing their sites with a similar structure? Are you excited about its possible feasibility for the users? Do tell us what you think.

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