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Pay Your NEA Vacancy Application Fee From Khalti Digital Wallet

Learn how you can pay your NEA Vacancy Application Form Fee From Khalti and submit applications.

Digital wallet Khalti has struck a partnership with NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) which allows NEA vacancy applicants to pay for their vacancies applications.

With this partnership, applicants can easily apply for various positions at NEA, submit the applications online, and pay their fees by choosing Khalti as their payment gateway.

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The vacancy application form fee is open from Bhadra 18- Ashwin 7. However, eligible candidates can apply for the job till the 14th of Ashwin 2078 by making double fee payments.

Jonaam Burtel shared,

“We introduced this service with the aim of serving our customers better with our quality service. Now, job applicants no longer have to face the hassle of visiting an office to apply for a job. They can do their business from the comfort of their home and pay any kinds of bills online from Khalti”.

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To make the payment, the applicant needs to visit the official website of NEA, fill up the details, and choose Khalti as the payment option.

Are you planning on applying for an NEA vacancy this time? If you are, then paying your vacancy form fee is easy with Khalti. What is your opinion on this convenience? Do share with us in the comments.

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