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First of Its Kind: Daraz Live Set To Revolutionize Online Shopping In Nepal

eCommerce giant Daraz’s Daraz Live will harbor an unforeseen online shopping experience in Nepal which will also be the first in South Asia. This is not just a unique feature by virtue, but also a novel momentum gained for the whole online shopping culture in the country.

Alibaba-owned Daraz’s Daraz Live is a new addition to an online shopping experience that will herald next-level consumerism in Nepal. The feature will bring South Asia’s first shoppable Live Stream that will be called Daraz Live.

This revolutionary feature will commence on the Android platform from 1st September 2021 and from 6th on IOS devices.

Daraz is introducing the feature as part of their “Shoppertainment” strategy and will blend both retail with entertainment to curate an innovative and joyful online shopping experience for the shoppers.

The interactive ‘sessions’ will prove customers with a first-hand adjacent experience of brands, and their products right through the screen of their devices that they can observe anywhere be it home, office, or outside.

The first of its kind in Nepal, Daraz Live will stream at three separate times – 12 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm from Monday to Friday via the mobile app.

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Not A Typical Livestream

It differs from a typical social media live stream. Daraz Live will be a more seamless and interactive “See Now, Buy Now” experience for the shoppers. Following the closed-loop model, Dara Live will offer customers an option to buy products and also get information, entertainment and engagement.

Each edition of its stream will provide customers a unique opportunity to get to know a brand in depth. It will allow customers and sellers to engage in real-time conversations. Daraz says, there would also be celebrities in the streams and regular gifts and rewards every day.

On the shopping side, Daraz Live will feature exclusive deals, product demonstrations, flash sales, unboxings, giveaways, and more.

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Bringing Sellers And Customers Together

Importantly, Daraz Live will bring sellers in direct interaction with their customers which is itself unique by virtue. This also allows them to promote their products with more authenticity. This initiative will build greater trust and connection between sellers and their customers.

“The introduction of Daraz Live is the next step in creating a more vibrant and inclusive ecosystem here in Nepal. With Daraz Live we hope to achieve that by helping build a greater level of connection between the customer and the seller. We want to build a strong community where everybody has a platform to access any information that they are seeking when it comes to online shopping. We’re confident Daraz Live is that platform. And with that we’re hopeful Daraz Live will play a big part in helping the e-commerce ecosystem grow to new heights” – said Lino Ahlering, Managing Director, Daraz Nepal


Daraz Live will be available on smartphones. It will first arrive on Android via an update on 1st September and from 6th September on IOS devices.

To shop online with Daraz Live streams, customers need to update their current Daraz mobile app to the latest version.

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How eager are you to shop online by engaging with the sellers themselves? It does add great value to the whole eCommerce experience, won’t it? Do share your opinions with us in the comments below.

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