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Taxi Ride-Sharing Service Growing: Answer To The Syndicate?

Taxi Ride-sharing service has steadily grown in Kathmandu. For daily commuters who don’t own a vehicle, taxis might become another assistance in the coming days after motorbikes. Ride-sharing taxis would also benefit the industry and the public by minimizing the unauthorized practices persistent through the years. Read for detail.

Nepal’s largest Metro Kathmandu has 12,000 taxis offering daily commuting for citizens. However, the syndicate has crippled the government’s untiring efforts to regulate the transport service and make it viable for mere mortals. The metered fares are barely used and remain a namesake. These are some reasons, taxis have been out of reach of normal people as a daily transport medium. But the digital introduction to the infamous four-wheeler may bring a new dynamic for good.

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But the steady growth of taxi ride-sharing might become an answer to the persistent syndicate and other ill-practices that have plagued the taxi service for years.

Already there are 6,000 above taxis operating through ride-sharing services. This brings a lot of conveniences to the traditional and unspoken difficulties with four-wheeler transport.

Merits of Taxi Ride-Sharing Service

The fare is pre-determined. No bargaining is required. Besides, security is also enhanced as the id of the riders and the routes are kept in check for references. Even the taxi drivers get relief. They do not have to stay in queues waiting for the riders. They get service requests on their mobile phones.

There are some ride-sharing services that have brought this much-needed improvement upon traditional public transport on taxi riding. Let’s discuss their evolution in the capital.

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The venture started two years ago in 2019 with 10 taxis under its digital network. Now it has 300 taxis working within its radar. The service is operational in Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu for now. But its founder Arjun KC says there are plans to expand the service in Jhapa soon.

He also informed that the company itself doesn’t have its own taxis. The riders register themselves into the system and operate to everyone’s benefit. The company takes 10% off the riders for one complete service but is free for promotions.

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“Taximandu is charging as per the fees specified by the government which requires no bargaining between the drivers and the riders. This nature of service also improves the relationship between the two parties,” he added.

Taximandu has raked in 40 app users and records 300 to 400 commuters benefitting the service.


Pathao is another pioneer in ride-sharing services in Nepal. The service launched in 2018 and focuses mostly on two-wheelers. However, it has shifted focus towards taxis too. Currently, Pathao has 3,500 taxis operating and it fully complies with the fee structures as determined by the government.

The company is contemplating a plan to take the service beyond the capital. Every day 50 thousand Nepalese reach their destinations using Pathao’s transport service.

Easy Taxi

The start-up has begun its ride-sharing from Shrawan 10 and currently has 2 thousand plus taxis offering service under its platform. Its founder Sanjiv Poudel said the company would soon introduce offline mode to better facilitate riders.

Easy Taxi will rebrand itself as Metro Taxi from Ashoj. Like the two above, Easy Taxi is also operational within the valley only but may take outside following its competitors.

The daily commute is one fundamental of city life and every day people have to make it through the crowded streets to reach their destinations. Public busses may not be reliable to many. This is why the pioneering services kicked off with two-wheelers service which has elevated transport service.

With ride-sharing service entering taxis, not only do the daily commuters benefit, the syndicate and other unauthorized practices associated with it will also subside gradually.

Are you a fan of ride-sharing services? How do you think taxi ride-sharing would impact the two-wheelers in a near future? Do share your opinions in the comments section.

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