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Laxmi Sunrise Bank starts OrangeNXT for modern banking needs

With a zeal to address modern banking needs, Laxmi Sunrise Bank has launched an OrangeNXT banking service. The bank considers this a major leap in transforming the bank’s digital banking landscape. The OrangeNXT is a result of collaboration with F1Soft Group’s FoneNXT.

As of late, digital banking has totally dominated the trend among banks. Each bank is introducing digital banking services to life their customer experiences and innovating new ways to deliver services more efficiently. OrangeNXT is one of these unique methodologies.

OrangeNXT facilitates customers in opening bank accounts to deposit accounts, goal-based deposits, etc. It makes banking services straightforward by delivering to the customers a digital banking experience. The bank expects this innovative service to cater to the modern need for digital and faster banking services for its customers. It’s not everyone’s convenience to visit the bank physically, fill out forms, and process for banking services. In the times of the Digital Nepal era, everyone wants the comfort and convenience of getting things done virtually or digitally.

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“OrangeNXT brings transformation in digital banking in Nepal”

Laxmi Sunrise Bank Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ajay B Shah says, “At its core, OrangeNXT signifies the next transformation in Nepal’s digital banking landscape. While we continue to enhance our traditional mobile banking services, OrangeNXT targets the underbanked, particularly the digital native segment, including the youth and non-resident customers seeking efficient banking solutions in Nepal. Also, check out: F1soft Group launches ‘Fonepoints’, a gamechanger in loyalty scheme in Nepal

FoneNXT CEO Sanat Kumar Paudel says, “OrangeNXT has been developed with a fundamental commitment to quick and efficient banking. The goal was to seamlessly integrate the banking process into the digital realm. We believe that the product, born from imaginative thinking, is poised to revolutionize the banking experience, transforming it into a journey that transcends expectations for our customers.”

Laxmi Sunrise Bank welcomes the strategic participation of FoneNXT to further elevate OrangeNXT’s services through its unique FinTech expertise in this unprecedented journey.

Digital banking practices are now the mainstream. Do you trust them for safe transactions or prefer the traditional paperwork way? You can express your honest opinion in our comments below.

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