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BYD Seal Price increased by up to Rs 10 lakhs | 2024 Update

CIMEX INC. has hiked the prices for BYD Seal electric vehicles (EV) in Nepal by up to Rs 10 lakh. The four-wheeler BYD juggernaut comes with a scintillating design and cell-to-body (CTB) technology, among its key selling points. The Seal has become one of the best electric cars in Nepal and BYD’s highly ambitious vehicle. Here, we explore the specs, performance, and other technical details as well as the BYD Seal price in Nepal.


BYD Seal is a D-segment premium range electric car with a rich set of specs, stylish design, interior, and under-the-hood hardware. Matching its aesthetics is its 82.5kWh battery pack which delivers exceptional range on a single charge. In essence, Seal is Build Your Dream’s (BYD) next great lineup with an industry-disruptive ability. Why? It’s an amazing set of specs. Let’s find them all.

BYD seal in Nepal

Globally, the next-generation EV BYD Seal competes with the Tesla Model 3, BMW i4, etc. The vehicle represents BYD’s bold and growing ambition to stamp further authority in the EV automobile market. The Seal follows the footsteps of BYD Atto 3 and blends a mix of sophistication and cutting-edge technologies.

In Nepal, BYD Seal made its bow during the NADA Auto Show 2023 and was one of the popular lineups at the fair. It could also lead the market in Nepal upon its commercial launch.


The BYD Seal is built on the manufacturer’s Ocean Aesthetics design concept. It’s part of the BYD Ocean series consisting of BYD Dolphin. The car gets an X-shaped front giving it a bold and beasty look. The pop-up doors give it another cool satisfaction while also enriching the aerodynamics. The back of the four-wheeler gets unique curved LED taillights in dot matrix style. 


BYD Seal inherits its interior and infotainment system from the BYD Atto 3. Sharing the “Ocean Aesthetics” value, the inside of the seal exudes a relaxing and vibrant atmosphere. The model features a 15.6-inch rotating display and comes with Android and iOS connectivity options. Coupled with this, a 12-speaker Dynaudio stereo maximizes the car’s indoor and overall experience. The infotainment system manages climate control, navigation, and other functions. There is a voice assistant feature too.

BYD Seal interior BYD Seal price in Nepal

In the console, there are buttons to control driving modes, AC, etc. Additionally, there are USB Type-C and Type-A ports for smartphones and other competitive devices and a dual wireless phone charger as well. Thankfully, the CTB battery placement allows to offer more space through a flat floor. As a result, there is considerable space for legs in both front and rear areas.

The BYD Seal Dynamic has its seats made of artificial leather, the Premium and the Performance variants get original leather. The front seats have ventilation and heat features.

BYD Seal Seats

Advanced Cell-to-Body Technology

BYD Seal is the world’s first all-electric vehicle to implement the Cell-to-Body (CTB) technology. Inspired by the honeycomb aluminum panel structure, this technology incorporates the BYD Blade Battery across the vehicle structure and improves its safety.  

CTB BYD Seal Battery

In this technology, the battery pack’s top cover is integrated with the body floor structure which stacks the top cover, BYD Blade Battery, and the tray. The Chinese manufacturer claims that it has increased the power battery volume utility to 66% and system engine density by 10%.

What’s also noteworthy is that the CTB battery in the BYD Seal serves as an energy source while also being a structural part of it. The SEAL comes with a torsional stiffness of 40,500N.m/degree. It means an increase in handling limits and enhanced comfort, safety, and performance.

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BYD Seal comes in three versions for drivetrain, battery pack, and motor. The company ships Dynamic and Premium models with rear wheels while the Performance model gets an all-wheel-drive system. Likewise, there are differences in terms of motors on each of the models. The Dynamic variant’s rear motor produces 150kW of peak power, while both Premium and Performance lineups generate 230kW power. In the front, the Performance model comes with a Squirrel Cage Induction Asynchronous Motor with 16kW power and 310 Nm of torque.

The rear motors generate a torque of 310 Nm for the Dynamic and 360 Nm on both the Premium and Performance models. To delight you more with the raw specs, the Performance model produces a maximum of 670Nm, torque.

The BYD Seal wouldn’t have the guts to compete with Tesla EVs if it didn’t have top speeds. This Chinese super EV model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in a few seconds. The Dynamic model achieves 100 km/h speed in 7.5 seconds. On the other hand, the Premium model takes 5.9 seconds, and the Performance model takes 3.8 seconds to reach the same speed. IMPRESSIVE!

Blade battery

The battery pack varies across the three models. BYD Seal Dynamic model has 61.44 kWh and Premium and Performance have 82.56 kWh battery packs. In terms of range, the Dynamic variant offers a maximum range of 460 km.

BYD Seal Blade Battery

On the other hand, the Premium and the Performance models deliver 570 km and 520 km respectively. In terms of charging, the Dynamic option supports 110 kW DC charging. BYD has given the Premium and Performance models 150 kW DC charging which is much quicker than the Dynamic model.  

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BYD Seal technical specifications

BYD SealDynamic/Premium/Performance
Battery61.44 kWh/ 82.56 kWh/ 82.56 kWh
Battery TypeBlade Battery
Motor Power150 kW/ 230 kW/ 390 kW
Range460 km/ 570 km/ 520 km (WLTP)
Seating5 Adults
Acceleration7.5s (0-100 kmph)
Torque310 Nm/360 Nm/ 670 Nm
Charging TypeDC: CCS 2 110 KW and AC: Type 2 7 KW
Front SuspensionDouble Wishbone
Rear SuspensionMulti-Link
Ground Clearance450 mm
BYD Seal price in Nepal: Rs 110,00,000 (starting cost)

BYD Seal price in Nepal and availability

BYD seal comes in three variants- Dynamic, Premium, and Performance. All these models’ prices have been increased to readjust to the new EV tax in Nepal after the 2081/81 budget announcement. The BYD Seal price in Nepal is now Rs 1,10,00,000 for Dynamic model and the Premium variant costs Rs 1,45,50,000. Similarly, the Performance model is priced at Rs 1,95,00,000. So, there is an increment of Rs 10 lakhs in the performance model.

BYD SealPrice in NepalIncreased by
DynamicRs 1,10,00,000 Rs 10,500,000Rs 5,00,000
PremiumRs 1,45,50,000 Rs 13,900,000Rs 6,50,000
PerformanceRs 1,95,00,000 Rs 18,500,000Rs 10,00,000

BYD Seal is open for booking in Nepal online or at BYD showrooms across Nepal.

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