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Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV official price announced | Find specs, launch date

Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV’s official price in Nepal has been announced and will soon make its commercial birth. Talking about this mid-range solid car is an EV from Nammi, a sub-brand of Dongfeng being brought by MAW Vriddhi Autocorp. Nammi 01 EV is a crossover segment car so you get SUV features in this vehicle. It’s built on the Dongfeng Quantum Architecture S3 platform. Here, we look at the design specification, battery, power, and the official Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV price in Nepal.


Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV price in Nepal

The Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV design is almost round. It’s got a closed grille making it more aerodynamic. It has triangular headlamps that split in the middle making for a stylish front look. Inconspicuous door handles and suspended rood are its other mention worthy features. It’s a compact new energy vehicle, that measures 4030x1810x1570 mm. The Nammi 01 EV has a ground clearance of 160 mm and its total weight stands at 1,425 kg.

On the back, the Nammi 01 EV gets round taillights. The NAMMI logo is etched on the trunk opening. The rear profile is as compact and slightly more minimalistic. The vehicle has been launched in five color options- yellow, white, blue, white + yellow, and white + blue.

In Nepal, the Nammi 01 EV will compete with the Tata Punch EV, which is yet to arrive in Nepal. At the same time, the more affordable 2023 model MG4 EV could also be its competitor due to its affordability.


Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV interior

On the inside, the Nammi 01 EV features a 5-inch LCD instrument panel and a 12.8-inch floating infotainment screen which provides information about battery, range, etc. It also gets intelligent voice control, mobile remote control, etc. It’s a 5-seater car.

Safety features

The Nammi 01 EV comes with some handy standard safety features. For e.g., it gets blind spot monitoring which using a sensor detects if there’s a vehicle near the driver’s side and rear. Likewise, there are other notable features like forward collision warning, lane keeping assist, traffic sign recognition, anti-theft alarm, reverse assist, etc.

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The Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV gets its performance from a synchronous motor producing a maximum of 70 kW PS power and 160 Nm torque. The EV can reach a top speed of 140 km/ph. It’s not a high-end vehicle’s performance specs, but it’s still decent enough and makes grounds for a good pick for Nepali consumers.

Battery and charging

Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV

In terms of the battery, the Nammi 01 EV comes in two variants- 31.45 kWh and 42.3 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery packs. The 31.45 kWh and 42.3 kWh battery provide 330 km and 430 km range, respectively per one full charge. With DC fast charging, the vehicle can be charged 30 % – 80% in just 30 minutes.

Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV price in Nepal and availability

MAW Vriddhi Autocorp is bringing the EV to Nepal and its price has been announced. According to MAW, the Nammi 01 EV price in Nepal will start at Rs 39.99 lakh for the 31.45 kWh battery variant. However, this is not the final price. At the time of the official sale, the price might see some adjustment or some promotional offer might also come.

As known, the Nammi 01 EV goes head-to-head with BYD Dolphin, which also comes in the almost same price range.

Below in this table, you can find the officially announced Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV price in Nepal:

Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV Price in Nepal (Expected)
31.45 kWhRs 39.99 lakh


The imminent arrival of Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV is a sweet confirmation that Nepal is totally in for the EV ecosystem. while there are upper-mid-range models like BYD Atto 3, and other BYD cars taking the market by storm, we now have affordable lineups also coming in giving consumers more options to choose from. The Dongfeng Nammi 01 EV in Nepal is going to be another solid option for the EV pick. We can expect the vehicle to arrive very soon.

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