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Fonepay welcomes Moru Digital Wallet to its interoperable payment ecosystem

Fonepay has struck up a partnership with Moru digital wallet (Pay Nep Private) in its interoperable payment network for mobile QR payment.

The agreement papers were signed by Diwas Sapkota and Shreesh Poudel, Chief Executive Officers of Fonepayand Moru Digital Wallet, respectively. The signing ceremony had the presence of representatives from both companies. With this partnership, Moru digital wallet users will be able to scan and pay merchants via Fonepay QR.

The partnership multiplies the fast-growing app users’ payment options. Likewise, the integration of Fonepay scan into the Moru digital wallet enables users to make affordable, convenient, and secure QR transactions across the Fonepay network. Fonepay, Nepal’s largest payment system operator (PSO) boasts 1.4 million merchants across the country ranging from department stores, restaurants, and cinemas to schools and hospitals.

Diwas Sapkota and Shreesh Poudel
Diwas Sapkota Fonepay CEO on the left and Shreesh Poudel, Moru Digital Wallet CEO on the right sign a partnership to enable Fonepay QR scan via Moru Digital Wallet

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Moru digital wallet launches Fonepay QR scan payment

Speaking on the partnership, Diwas Kumar Sapkota, the CEO of Fonepay said, “We are delighted to welcome Moru Digital Wallet into our growing payment ecosystem. This partnership aligns with our vision to provide a comprehensive digital payment experience to our users. By integrating Moru Digital Wallet, we offer our customers a wider range of payment options and foster a more inclusive financial ecosystem.”

Similarly expressing his delight over the integration, the CEO of Moru Digital Wallet, Shreesh Poudel said, “We are extremely happy to join hands with Fonepay and enable Moru Digital Wallet users with access to 1.4 million Fonepay Merchants throughout the country. More Digital Wallet users can also benefit from other Fonepay services with this partnership. We also look forward to making our customers’ digital journey smooth with our innovations and value-added services.”

Moru digital wallet is one of the growing mobile payment gateways in Nepal. It’s also the first to introduce inter-wallet fund transfer. The integration of Fonepay QR payment in its payment system elevates the user experience and facility of electronic payment.

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