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Yatri launches Nepal’s first mobile charging station to relieve charging anxiety

Yatri Motorcycles has started Nepal’s first-ever mobile charging station for electric vehicles (EVs). Yatri Energy with support from USAID Energy Nepal project launched the mobile charging station that gives EV owners a convenient method of juicing up their vehicle without reaching the charging station.

 Sandeep Dev, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation (MoEWRR), Kulman Ghising, Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Karen Welch, Executive Mission Director of USAID, etc. jointly inaugurated the mobile charging station.

The mobile charging station features a 30 kW charger which can be taken to different places to charge electric vehicles. According to Urja Nepal, the mobile charger becomes convenient when an EV is struck midway due to its depleted charge in the battery.

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Yatri mobile charging station to address battery and range anxiety of EV owners

The Yatri mobile charging station comes in to rescue EV owners midway on their ride. If someone is stranded on the road due to a depleted battery, the charging station becomes a significant reliever.

“Recently, the demand for electric vehicles in Nepal is increasing. When purchasing an electric vehicle, the main concern of most users is the battery,” Yatri’s battery system engineer Sujan Tamrakar said, “We have prepared this mobile charging station to address this issue. With this, we will go to different places in the country and inform about the features and importance of charging stations.”

Yatri Charging Station at Himalayan Horizon Hotel, Dhulikhel

Likewise, a Yatri team has been making expeditions to various cities across Nepal such as Pokhara, Chitwan, Kathmandu, etc. to raise public awareness about the availability of this mobile charging station.

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EV owners have something called range anxiety emanating from the battery’s charge loss. The mobile charging station can get to the EV’s location and recharge it right on the spot. This should alleviate the concerns which has to do with the smaller number of charging stations though it’s growing significantly in recent years.

Yatri itself, having inaugurated a charging station at the Himalayan Horizon Hotel, Dhulikhel now has a total of 17 charging stations across Nepal- 13 inside the Kathmandu Valley and 4 outside of it.

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