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Yatri unveils its first-ever charging station in Dhulikhel

Nepal’s first electric vehicle manufacturing startup Yatri Motorcycles has unveiled its first-ever charging station. The company’s first-ever charging station is installed at Hotel Himalayan Horizon in Dhulikhel, Kathmandu.

Yatri had been teasing its work on advanced and energy-efficient charging station works for a while as evidenced by the images the company shared on its official Facebook page. It’s revealed that the company will start 17 charging stations and all will go live in April 2024. As part of the same initiative, the one has been installed and made available in Hotel Himalayan Horizon. The EV maker says that it is developing highly advanced energy systems “from system design to site commissioning”.

Thanks to this, Yatri riders can charge their motorcycles tailored to their needs in the most advanced and compatible environment. Additionally, other EVs are also supported at the charging station.

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Yatri charging station in Kathmandu (Dhulikhel)

With this, we now have a Yatri charging station in Kathmandu and more will be ready in the coming days. In terms of the specs, the Yatri charging station in Dhulikel at Hotel Himalayan Horizon boasts CCS2 (Combined Charging System 2) and GBT ports and can charge four electric vehicles concurrently. It’s a DC fast-charging station.

Yatri charging station

Currently, Yatri is preparing to launch its P1 Gen 2 electric motorcycle. In the growing EV competition, the Nepali brand is gradually growing its clout. Many brands such as BYD, and Ather, have started their own charging stations in Nepal to tailor safe and compatible charging for their EVs. Yatri is starting its own too. For Yatri motorbike riders, it should come as an exciting news.

At the same time, you can use the Yatri Energy mobile app to learn more about the Yatri charging station and fare. More details will emerge soon and we will continue to update here. Keep visiting for the details.

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