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BYD’s exciting new EV “Yuan Up” launched: Find specifications, and price in Nepal

In this post, we take a closer look at the specifications and BYD Yuan UP price in Nepal. Chinese automaker BYD (Build Your Dreams) has launched another exciting lineup of electric cars in the form of the Yuan UP EV, part of the brand’s Yuan series inspired by the Yuan. Based on e-Platform 3.0, the SUV is part of the OEM’s Dynasty series and should launch globally in a matter of days. It has been launched at the price of $13,400 in China on March 26. There’s also a good chance that the EV will make it in Nepal.

Additionally, there are 4 cars making their way to the Nepali around New Year 2081. So, BYD Yuan UP will have plenty of competitors in the market. However, BYD could be a choice for many customers given how the company has branded itself in Nepal. Also check: BYD EV charging stations in Nepal, new 11 DC fast chargers installed.

As per the latest info, the BYD Yuan Up got 20,000 orders within 3 days for its two electric motor models:70 kW and 130 KW variants. The plug-in Compact SUV will come to the global market as BYD Atto 2 and will definitely get huge sales volume.

BYD Yuan UP specifications

Exterior and Interior

The BYD Yuan UP reflects a “dragon face”, the company says. It follows the design path from BYD car Song L. The cross-over has a curvy design. It’s got a floating roof and semi-concealed door handles. The vehicle possesses a not-so-large body at 4310/1830/1675 mm and a wheelbase of 2620 mm and weighs 1,430 kg. On the front, there is a Yuan (元) logo and BYD on the back.

The inside of the Yuan UP is well lit thanks to the panoramic roof and the colorful feel is further enhanced by mixed colors. The back seats are flat giving a relaxing experience for the passengers. Noticeably, the seats allow electric adjustment too. Thanks to the suede material, the seats feel classy and luxurious.

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The car features an 8.8-inch LCD instrument screen. Plus, for infotainment, there’s a 12.8-inch control screen that can rotate. Both these screens offer standard features giving vital information to the driver as well as entertainment too. Despite its small body size, the internal seems comfortable.

BYD Yuan UP price in Nepal


The Yuan UP comes in two motor options- 70 kW or 130 kW or let’s say that the BYD Auto Up comes in Short Range and Long Range. The 70 kW motor generates 95 PS of power whereas the 130 kW motor produces 177 PS of power. Likewise, the SUV comes in two battery options- 32 kWh and 45.1 kWh with the claimed range of 301 km and 401 km respectively on a single full charge. The EV’s top speed is claimed at 160 km/h.

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BYD Yuan UP price in Nepal and availability

The BYD Yuan UP price in Nepal should be set between Rs 36 lakh to Rs 38 lakh for the short range and the long-range models, respectively. It’s officially launched in China for $13,400. On the other hand, the Long-Range model is set at $15,200 and $16,600.

In the table below, find the BYD Yuan UP (BYD Atto 2) price in Nepal.

BYD Yuan Up variantsPrice in Nepal (expected)
70 kW (short range)Rs 36 lakh
130 kW (long range)Rs 38 lakh

The SUV was unveiled in China on March 26, 2024. But given how BYD is upping its presence back here, we can assume that this lineup will also make it to the more market somewhere in middle of 2024.

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More details will emerge gradually, and we will have them updated here. BYD cars are profoundly received in the Nepali market and this one when hits the market should serve as one of the affordable choices for the customers. The vehicle will soon be launched globally just like the popular BYD Atto 3. It is known that the BYD Yuan UP will be called BYD Atto 2 Globally.

In the meantime, you can also check out our list of the best electric cars in Nepal with price and specifications. For more on the BYD Yuan UP/BYD Atto 2 price in Nepal and market availability, do leave us your query in the comments below.

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