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Tootle to contribute Rs 50,000 for riders to buy electric scooters

Nepal’s pioneer ride-sharing platform Tootle has struck up a groundbreaking collaboration with Eco Infinity Pvt Ltd, a leading importer of electric two-wheelers. With this partnership, both aim to foster eco-friendly mobility services and promote a cleaner environment.

Tootle states that its partnership with Eco Infinity is grounded on the idea of environment-friendly business operations. Calling Nepal’s transportation industry a significant contributor to air pollution, it sees a challenge to combat the harm it has on the country’s environmental health.

Being a key industry player and one of the top ride-sharing platforms, Tootle feels the need to address this scenario and therefore has reinforced its commitment to act for sustainable practices by integrating such policies into its businesses.

Tootle and Eco Infinity partnership: Rs 50,000 contribution for every Niu scooter

With every Niu scooter bought by Tootle riders, they will get Rs 50,000 from Tootle. The initiative aims to encourage its riders to choose eco-friendly vehicles for its ride-hailing/sharing services as well as minimize their carbon footprint.

Tootle’s MD, Rubik Joshi, says, “We want 50% of riders to switch to EV to help shape the country’s environment for the future.”

At the same time, Tootle is also organizing a Hunt campaign for its riders which is a competition for them to complete more rides and earn more. The challenge runs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis on which for every completion of the hunt, the rider will be rewarded with cash. Tootle says that this campaign gives its riders an extra boost to their income.

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A chance to win a NIU scooter with Tootle

NIU electric scooter

Likewise, there’s also a chance to win an electric scooter. In this Hunt campaign, riders need to fulfill 300 rides in three months and can win an NIU scooter. Tootle says that the initiative is part of contributing to a greener environment.

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