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Transport Office to Issue Driving License from Chitwan

The transport office of Hetuada could soon start issuing driving licenses from Chitwan. Traffic Management Service Office has demanded trials spot and vehicles for the purpose. If everything goes as planned, the office could issue a driving license from the second week of Jestha.

Netra Sharma, the Secretary of Labor, Employment and Transport Ministry, Bagmati Province says the ministry called for a consultant on Baisakh 2 for trial service.

Sharma said the Ministry will choose one company from the applications it receives in 15 days.

He said, “If we can proceed as per plans, we can start distributing driving licenses from the second week of Jestha.”

The transport authority will provide driving licenses for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers as well as light and heavy vehicles.

As per the law in Nepal, there is a mandatory trial (physical drive tests) before a license could be issued. Likewise, the transport office in the Bagmati province has sought a trial service and vehicles. It would pay the service providers fees by charging the examinees who appear for a driving license.

The trial spot though is in Bharatpur Metropolitan or in any municipality within the Chitwan district.

Sharma added the trials must be held in a secluded area at least 200 meters off from sensitive areas such as hospitals, airports, schools/colleges, conservation areas, etc.

the provincial government will identify the area for the trial as per the written exam and driving test area procedure 2078. After a consultant passes the technical proposal, the ministry will review the economic aspects.

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Why driving license from Chitwan?

Chitwan is one of the districts with crowded roads. But for the lack of service, vehicle owners still go to Kathmandu, or Hetauda to get a driving license. This also requires multiple days procedures as the licensing procedure itself takes at least 3 separate visits to the transport office. It is not convenient for the people who have no residence beyond Chitwan and live a scheduled life.

At present, the whole Bagmati province has one office in Hetauda to issue a driving license and 4 in Kathmandu. There is a plan to conduct one driving test per week in the beginning.

When the office begins issuing driving licenses, it will draw a huge crowd regularly. To alleviate this, the Transport Management Service Office will transfer its office elsewhere, the office chief Binod Poudel has said.

What do you think of Bagmati province issuing a driving license from Chitwan? How convenient is it or not to obtain one in your district? Share with us in the comments section below.

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