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Find out the locations of Ather electric scooter charging stations

Ather is accentuating its presence in Nepal with an aggressive lineup of electric scooters and supporting infrastructures. The Indian two-wheeler EV manufacturer’s local partner Vaidya Energy has already installed 7 charging stations in Kathmandu. What’s impressive is that the company has only begun selling its electric scooters in Nepal for 3 months.

The company has set up its charging stations in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. The rapid work on building its ecosystem also reflects its plan to strengthen its foothold in Nepal’s growingly hot EV market.

Ather has brought its e-scooter Ather 450X in two variants in Nepal and starts at Rs 399,900.

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Ather charging station in Nepal

If you own an Ather electric scooter, then you can find an Aether charging station in Gauridhara, Jhamsikhel (Lalitpur), and Tinkune. Vaidya Energy provides fast-charging service for Ather e-scooters at its showroom and dedicated service center.

Additionally, there are other EV charging stations for Ather scooters installed at Bhatbhateni stores in Anamnagar, Maharajgunj, and the ones at Coffee Break café in Sitapaila and Sallaghari Shopping Complex in Sallaghari.

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The local partner is leaving no stone unturned in providing a premium customer experience. Suyansh Vaidya, Director of Vaidya Energy says that the company plans on setting up more Ather charging stations in Kathmandu.

He shared that soon EV chargers will be set up at all the Bhatbhateni stores. Likewise, for those riding Ather out of the valley, fast chargers will be set up at its showrooms.

The fascination with EVs is growing in Nepal and is only handicapped by the inconsistent tax policy. But the growing ecosystem including the number of charging stations is an undeniable reflection that EV is a burgeoning market in Nepal.

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