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Supreme Court publishes its Judgments online, here’s how to access them

The judgments of the Supreme Court can now be viewed on its official website. On the occasion of the Nepal Law Magazine Publication Day, the Supreme Court released the official verdicts by the court on its portal which will show the ruling made from 2009 to 2014.

Chief Justice Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha said that publishing the final verdicts of the Supreme Court is significant. He believes that it will be a very useful resource for stakeholders including judges, law and justice officials and employees, legal practitioners, researchers, and law students.

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Chief Justice Shrestha said that some of the judgments of the court are landmark judgments in judicial history and making the judgments accessible to everyone by recording them in a comprehensible language and entering them on the website of the Supreme Court is a historic act in itself. The decision ensures the right to information for the public.

You can view Supreme Court judgments online via its portal.

Justice Hariprasad Phuyal, chairman of the Supreme Court Editing and Publication Committee, while releasing some of the judgments of the then Supreme Court, informed that digitizing the judgments of the then Supreme Court is complete and uploading is underway. According to him, the work of uploading the judgments of the Supreme Court from 2009 to 2014 is going on and soon all the judgments will be uploaded on the website.

It is mentioned that the first decision made after the introduction of the Pradhan Nyayalaya Act, 1951 is the first decision that is currently available, which is ‘Bato Khulai Paun’ and that decision was made on 27th Shrawan, 2009.

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