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How to apply for free online health service from Kathmandu Metro?

In the latest development, Kathmandu Metropolitan City has taken the initiative to provide health services for free for the underprivileged via an online system at various hospitals inside the city. The local level’s mayor Balen Shah announced the program on his Facebook account.

The program seeks to provide much-critical health services to the marginalized, underserved, and homeless people. For this, the local body has started an online system where people can apply. Under the leadership of Balen, KMC has implemented various plans and policies aiming to uplift the local body’s education, health, and environmental conditions. The latest is a key health initiative and an important one for the general public too.

323 beds across 41 hospitals

According to KMC mayor Balen, this online system has 323 beds across 41 hospitals. This online health system will be effective from Falgun 01, 2080.

“Those who are without any relatives, can’t afford medicine, and cannot pay any fees, the treatment and expenses will come for free. In total, there are a total of 3,239 beds in 41 hospitals connected to the online system of the Metropolitan Municipality. Ten percent of it, that is 323 beds are available for the target category.”

Kathmandu Metropolitan City office

Mayor Balen shared that discussions are underway to bring more hospitals within its online system.

It’s also said that people from outside of Kathmandu Metropolitan City can benefit from this online health service after meeting the required criteria.

According to section 28 of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Public Health Act 2080, the hospitals within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City area have a legal arrangement to provide free treatment to the poor, helpless and needy citizens out of the 10% of the total beds. Section 70 (gha) of Health Facility Operation Standards, 2077 has also made the similar provision.

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What documents are required to get free online health services from Kathmandu Metropolitan City?

People wanting to get the free health service online from Kathmandu Metropolitan will require the following documents:

  • A verification document/ID card issued by the federal government/provincial government/local government to prove that the concerned person qualifies in the target group.
  • Copies of the National ID card/Nepali citizenship/birth certificate and a recently taken photograph,
  • Paper that proves a diagnosed disease
  • Recommendation letter from the ward office, etc.

How to get free health services offered by Kathmandu Metro?

There are various criteria or situations for this. Here are the eligibility criteria to get the free health service online from Kathmandu Metropolitan City:

  1. People with poverty identification cards can directly go to an affiliated hospital and get the health service for free.
  2. If there is no poverty identification card, the patients should apply as per Schedule 2 of the working procedure and fill out the form as per Schedule 5 to reveal the financial situation at the respective ward office.
  3. Going to the hospital with the certificate as per Schedule 4 and recommendation letter as per Schedule 3 given by the ward office
  4. If the patient is confused about which hospital to go to for treatment, contact the free treatment facilitation unit of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Health Department by taking the recommendation letter from the respective ward. Public Health Inspector (PHI) Dhanendra Shrestha can be contacted directly on mobile number 9801306893.
  5. In case of homeless/orphans, free treatment will be provided based on the recommendation of the nearest ward office and police office.

You can find out the hostpitals’ names, number of beds allocated, and other information here.

What is your perspective on Kathmandu Metro stepping up to provide free health service to the underprivileged? Are you skeptical of it being straightforward and convenient to the people? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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