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Toll-Free Numbers of Internet Service Providers in Nepal

Internet service providers (ISPs) are required to establish a toll-free number for customers to contact. This is required to make it easy for customers to relate any internet-related issue or queries with their service providers. In this post, you can find the toll-free contact numbers of all the ISPs in Nepal.

Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), the telecom regulator likens the internet to a basic human need and the government has listed it as one of the essential services. Additionally, NTA has made it mandatory for ISPs to provide a toll-free number, packages, and other information in a charter. Therefore, the majority of the companies so far have complied.

Why contact ISPs at toll-free numbers?

The toll-free number is useful to contact SIPs for various reasons. First, you can contact a company for a new connection. Secondly, when your internet runs into issues like disconnection, slow speed, router showing less power, etc., then you may want to contact your ISPs. Since toll-free numbers also do not cost a dime, it becomes another convenient to use such numbers than others.

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The toll-free number of Internet service providers in Nepal (SIPs)

SNInternet service providers (ISPs)Toll-free numbers
1AccessWorld Tech Pvt. Ltd.16600151065
2Acme Technical Institute Pvt. Ltd.16607852010
3Alisha Communication Link Pvt. Ltd.9801565757, 16605651444
4Arrownet Pvt. Ltd.16600142222
5Asianet and Communication Pvt. Ltd.9801578100
6Barahi Internet Technology  Pvt. Ltd.16-60-01-00860
7Big Marsyangdi Net  Pvt. Ltd.9801565666
8Bihunkot Internet  Pvt. Ltd.16606852009
9Broadband Nepal  Pvt. Ltd.166071-52004
10Broadband Solutions  Pvt. Ltd.16605651555
11Broadlink Network and Communication Limited166071-52004
12CG Communication Ltd.16600110013
13Cherry World Communication  Pvt. Ltd.9801571266
14Chitwan Network  Pvt. Ltd.16605651333
15City Net  Pvt. Ltd.16600193330
16Classic Tech  Pvt. Ltd.16600150999
17Clean Network  Pvt. Ltd.16603352002
18Cosmic Net  Pvt. Ltd.9801565539
19Dish Home FiberNet Ltd.16600122000
20Divine Stream Network  Pvt. Ltd.16600116363
21Dolphin Net Communication  Pvt. Ltd.9801574100
22East Link Technologies  Pvt. Ltd.166001-95985
23Everest Link  Pvt. Ltd.9801571005, 16608352003
24Fiber World Communication  Pvt. Ltd.16600107555
25Firstlink Communication  Pvt. Ltd.16602358555
26Gandaki Communication  Pvt. Ltd.9801571190
27Himalayan Gorkha Net  Pvt. Ltd.9801571099
28Himalayan Online Service  Pvt. Ltd.16600149520
29Infor Net Technologies  Pvt. Ltd.9801571034
30Infocom  Pvt. Ltd.16600185000
31Infonet communication  Pvt. Ltd.9801575750
32Interweb Network  Pvt. Ltd.16606156900
33Kecian Net  Pvt. Ltd.16600115000
34Kriti Darshan Media  Pvt. Ltd.16602558558
35Life Net  Pvt. Ltd.16608352007, 9801571888
36Lumbini Max Digital Cable Net  Pvt. Ltd.16600162222
37Mahakali Digital Network  Pvt. Ltd.1660017899, 9801571999
38Max Net Solution  Pvt. Ltd.9801574040
39Mega Cable Net  Pvt. Ltd.16600128888
40Mercantile Communication  Pvt. Ltd.16600100822
41Meta Link  Pvt. Ltd.16600194541
42Metrolink Business  Pvt. Ltd.16607156222
43Mithila Digital Nepal  Pvt. Ltd.16600116999
44Neo Link  Pvt. Ltd.16608852305
45Nepal Telecom Ltd.1498, 198
46Nepal Net Sanchar16602345002
47Nepal Link Communication  Pvt. Ltd.9801571100
48Net Max Technologies  Pvt. Ltd.16600156666
49Next Geekers Pvt. Ltd.16600180444
50Numbur Network Pvt. Ltd.16603852009
51New Oasis Broadband Internet Pvt. Ltd.16600148888
52Pulse Network Pvt. Ltd.16607152002
53Pathibhara Network  Pvt. Ltd.9801575959
54PDS Server Network  Pvt. Ltd.16605651120
55Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd.O61-540188, 061-520910
56Prabhu Digital  Pvt. Ltd.16600178999, 980157199
57Prime Network  Pvt. Ltd.9801574040
58Rapid Unique Network  Pvt. Ltd.16606552002
59Regmi Media Ink  Pvt. Ltd.16607152001
60Sarathi Communications Network  Pvt. Ltd.16600185388
61Sangrila Infomatics  Pvt. Ltd.16600102725
62Shikhar Net  Pvt. Ltd.16609117126
63Simple Intelligent System and Technology  Pvt. Ltd.16608752344
64Simple Media Network  Pvt. Ltd.9801544000
65Simrik Internet  Pvt. Ltd.16606156780
66Sky Broadband  Pvt. Ltd.166001-58887
67Smart Telecom  Pvt. Ltd.4242/14242
68Smartlink Telecommunication  Pvt. Ltd.16600100108
69Subisu Cablenet166001-59999
70SuperEight Networks  Pvt. Ltd.9801575750
71Super Sitapaila Cable Net  Pvt. Ltd.16600162222
72Surkhet Cable Net TV  Pvt. Ltd.16608352008
73Sustainable Networks  Pvt. Ltd.16600119335
74Swift Net  Pvt. Ltd.16603752398
75Techminds Network  Pvt. Ltd.16605651222, 9801575666
76Telnet Internet  Pvt. Ltd.16606152010
77Ultranet Communication  Pvt. Ltd.16601166729
78Unified Communication  Pvt. Ltd.16602358666
79Vianet communication  Pvt. Ltd.16600188444
80Walling Internet  Pvt. Ltd.16606342003
81Web Networks  Pvt. Ltd.16607156555
82Websurfer Nepal Communication System  Pvt. Ltd.16600170222
83WiFi Tech Nepal  Pvt. Ltd.9801859000, 9801859004
84WorldLink Communications Limited Ltd166001-55050
85Yes Net Nepal  Pvt. Ltd.9801571006
86Jisan Network  Pvt. Ltd.16605552786
Credit: NTA

So far, 86 ISPs have made their toll-free numbers available. Besides toll-free, you can use other contacts too such as phone numbers, and email, and talk with agents physically, however, toll-free lets you make your query across free of cost.

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