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Here’s how you can apply for cybersecurity training initiated by Kathmandu Metropolitan City

In this post, you will learn the steps on how to apply for cybersecurity training by Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Find out how many can participate in this program and how to.

The local body of Kathmandu Metropolitan City has announced an initiation to provide free cyber security training with its theme “Employment and Economic Enhancement for Prosperity of Kathmandu.” Under this program, 4 thousand interested youths from across the country can participate to hone their skills in cyber security. The training starts from Magh 02 and will last 3 months.

The Balen Shah-headed local government seeks to empower youths in the ICT industry to raise their digital skills and contribute to employment. Previously, Balen Shah announced various plans and policies for Kathmandu. Youth empowerment is one of the priorities.

The entire program aims at providing cyber security training to 15 thousand individuals and employing 5 thousand of them. The initiative will provide cybersecurity training worth 5 crore.

Kathmandu provides cyber security training for free

KMC has collaborated with EC Council and GAP Technologies to conduct this large-scale training. Ajay Paudal, the contact person for the program shared that participants in the training will learn about smartphones, messages, and notifications received in emails, the authority of internet-connected devices and the applications used in them, and risks. Similarly, they will be able to learn about the basic aspects of programming, networking, and cloud-based operations.

cybersecurity training by Kathmandu Metropolitan City

After completing the training, the participants will receive a certificate. Additionally, their names will be listed on the Labor Bank of KMC.

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Cybersecurity training by Kathmandu Metropolitan City application form

To participate in the training, you will need to apply by submitting an application form. It’s available online. You need to fill up your personal details and submit them. The thorough details are below.

How to apply for the cybersecurity training of Kathmandu Metropolitan City?

To apply for the cyber security training of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, you need to do this:

  • Go to this page where you will get an electronic form
  • Log in if required or choose the account with which you want to proceed,
  • Enter your details in the fields such as your name, address, email, etc.,
  • Click on Submit.

It could be an exceptional opportunity for anyone to get vital insights about cybersecurity for both personal growth as well as to raise chances of landing a job in the field. We suggest, seize your place if it’s feasible for you.

Cybersecurity training by Kathmandu Metropolitan City FAQs

Here are the things to know and FAQs about the cybersecurity training by Kathmandu Metropolitan City:

Who can participate in Kathmandu Metropolitan City cybersecurity training?

Any interested individual from Nepal can participate in the cyber security training of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The program is for all from all over the country.

What is the fee for the cybersecurity training being started by Kathmandu Metropolitan City?

The cyber security training provided by Kathmandu Metro is free.

When does the cybersecurity training headed by Kathmandu Metropolitan City start?

The cybersecurity training to be initiated by Kathamdnu Metropolitan City will start on Magh 02, 2080.

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