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MyPay Money Transfer gets a license for remittance service

MyPay Money Transfer has obtained a license for remittance service. The company now will provide Nepalese to send money from various countries to Nepal.

Soon, people working and living in countries such as Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, the US, and many European countries will be able to send money back home. MyPay says that it will start the service commercially in the next few days.

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Customers will easily send money to bank accounts with MyPay Money Transfer. “We have developed a digital system that allows people abroad to send money to any bank account in Nepal. Targetted at the youth, we aim to be a safe and trustworthy remittance company,” Kiran Bhatta, Sales Director at MyPay Money Transfer said.

Recipients can receive the money from MyPay into digital wallets as well. Additionally, money can be received via over 10 thousand physical agents across Nepal.
Senders can pay for the service via their credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or other methods.

Many Nepalese live and work abroad and are often in need of sending money back home. While there are various digital options available, MyPay will be another handy medium to securely transfer money home. For any queries, leave a comment below.

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