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Pathao adds Car Plus service for an elevated travel experience

Leading ride-sharing service provider Pathao added the Car Plus service to its range of services on Monday, May 06, 2024. The new option lets passengers enjoy a comfortable travel experience thanks to better-maintained cars and features.

The company says that the feature has been integrated into its Pathao Car (taxi) services. The new option is available to passengers who want a premium travel experience with Pathao. The feature must be selected at the time of booking a ride.

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What is the Pathao Car Plus feature?

Pathao Car Plus refers to better-maintained cars available for ride-hailing services. That means, compared to other regular cards, those branded “Plus” are distinguished with better maintenance, and come with wide seats, AC, and other commendable features, Managing Director of Pathao Nepal Asheem Man Singh Basnyat said. These in combination shall deliver a comfortable and satisfying traveling experience for Pathao customers.

Currently, the option is available to customers inside the Kathmandu Valley only. But the company plans to expand it to other cities in the near future. Check out: Top 5 Ride-sharing Apps in Nepal

Pathao was launched in Nepal on September 24, 2018, and in five years since its service, it has become a leading ride-hailing platform in Nepal despite growing and intense market competition.

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