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Sanima Bank enables cross-border payment with Fonepay QR

Sanima Bank has launched a cross-border payment service in collaboration with Fonepay. This lets Indian citizens pay at Fonepay QR-enabled merchants in Nepal.

After this, Indian tourists using BHIM UPI, PhonePe, and Google Pay can pay in Nepal by scanning Fonepay QR. For this, merchants must have Fonepay QR-enabled QR standees for scan & pay.

Fonepay licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank is one of the driving forces for the cross-border Nepal-India payment. Along with Fonepay, eSewa, and Khalti have also remained prominent in facilitating these payments. Users of digital wallets and mobile banking apps can perform mobile payment scanning QR codes at merchants.  

Sanima Bank starts offering cross-border payment

Now, Sanima Bank merchants who have QR standees can receive payment from Indian tourists in Nepal. Those without the QR facility can apply for one at the bank via contact or a physical visit to its nearby branch.

Cross-border QR payment offers a seamless, efficient, and convenient mode of payment for citizens of both Nepal and India. Besides Sanima Bank, many other commercial banks have also launched similar services in their network. This type of international payment was launched in 2023 and has already proved to be a blessing for Nepal’s digital economy.

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