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Step-by-step guide for online driving license revenue payment

In this post, you will learn in steps how to pay driving license revenue online on your mobile phone from anywhere. Back in 2023, the government introduced an online driving license revenue payment service. The move seeks to enable an easier and more efficient method for the public. The driving license revenue is paid after a fortnight or 20 days to get a license. This post helps you with a step-by-step guide on how to pay driver’s license revenue online in Nepal.  

Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Prakash Jwala inaugurated the milestone online driving license payment facility in 2023. The service is available on both mobile devices and computers with similar steps. And remember that since this online payment came into operation, the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) almost won’t accept or operate offline payment which makes learning the process even more important.

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Why pay driving license revenue?

The government has made it mandatory that expectant licensees pay a designated amount to the DoTM. The fee is paid after a period of two weeks and just prior to receiving a “temporary license” or a chit at least to prove the licensee’s validity. The revenue is a compulsory government tax. If you are paying for a category K vehicle (motorcycle or scooter), then you need to pay Rs 1,500.

How long after passing my trial can I pay my driving license revenue?

It’s established that you can pay your driving license revenue online after 15 days however, the duration is subject to vary. In my own case, I had to wait 24 days to be able to pay. Remember that the DoTM has to update your details on their server only after which you get the “Pay” option on their portal. So, it would help if you also were a little patient about getting to pay for it. Additionally, the duration may also be affected (meaning extended) due to public holidays. Did you know: 70 Marks pass policy has been enforced for driving licenses across seven provinces

So, let’s assume that you need to wait at least 15 days up to 25 days till you can pay the revenue for your driving license. Stay patient. Just like me, everyone gets excited to get a license after passing the trial but DoTM has to make necessary arrangements online.

How to pay driving license revenue online in Nepal?

Finally, here is a step-by-step guide to pay driving license revenue online in Nepal:

  • First, visit this portal of DoTM
  • Now, tap “Online Driving License System” which appears at first among the options in blue colors
steps how to pay driving license revenue online mobile
  • enter your mobile number and also enter the captcha correctly at the bottom and tap “Next”
  • Enter the MPIN you receive on your mobile phone and again tap “Next”
  • Now you see a “Pay Online For New License” option
how to pay driving license revenue online mobile
  • Tap “Pay Online Now” again
  • Scroll down and choose your payment option from eSewa, Khalti, and ConnectIPS
  • You get redirected to the payment page of your chosen payment option
payment option for driving license revenue mobile
  • Log in to your online payment gateway
  • Verify your payment with a “Token” number and continue with the prompts
  • After you have made the payment, come back to the home page
  • Tap on “Voucher List”
online driving license revenue payment voucher list
  • Tap “Voucher Download”
Download payment voucher driving license revenue Nepal
  • Print the voucher and visit your designated DoTM office to get your license.

Remember this though:

You can use the same MPIN later so keep it to yourself. Also, when I checked in at the DoTM to get my license, I was told that the temporary license whose validity lasts for a year is no longer issued. So, the very payment voucher would verify me as a legitimate licensee.

driving license payment voucher
In case you don’t have a license with you, producing this chit should verify you as a legitimate licensee to avoid any charges from traffic police across Nepal

Anyway, you can get yourself a makeshift driving license at cyber offices around the DoTM office. Here is a sample of what I made. As for the permanent driving license, you will have to wait a year or even more.

new temporary driving license Nepal

For some reason, the government makes significant delays in printing smart driving licenses which is rather disappointing. However, there is a provision for an emergency smart license print which is available to all in case one needs to go abroad for employment, education, or if one is bound foreign as a peace-keeping force.

For any queries regarding online license revenue payment and traffic rules, contact us via the comment section below.

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