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70 Marks Pass Policy for Driving License in Seven provinces

  • The existing 70 marks policy for a driving license will be implemented across seven provinces.
  • So far, the system was practiced in Gandaki and Lumbini provinces have been practicing this system for months

A uniform policy is to be implemented for driving license tests in Nepal. As per the agreed provision, all the transport authorities in seven provinces will approve the 70-mark pass policy at the trials for driving licenses.

The policy was decided at a recent meeting held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Mohammad Ishtiaq Rai in the presence of transport ministers from seven provinces. The meeting agreed on the Guidelines for Conducting Driving License Test 2077.

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70 Marks Pass Policy for Driving License Brings Relief to All

The policy has been practiced in Gandaki and Lumbini provinces already. Now, all the concerned offices in seven provinces will conduct driving license trials under the new guidelines.

As per the progressive guidelines, the participants in the trial would now become eligible for a driving license with a minimum score of 70 where marks weightage is divided into different sections of the trials from ramp to the narrow lane, the turning, lights, etc. Prior to this, each in the trial had to score the maximum to get a license. It was considered impractical and too rigid.

Now, thousands of the attendees hitting the trial will find relief with the much softer policy coming into effect.

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Driving licenses to be printed and issued locally

Similarly, the meeting has also decided that the government will provide machines for printing driving licenses. This allows provincial transport management offices to print and issue driving licenses which should also make the once-tiringly long process faster.  

Previously, licenses were printed only at the Department of Transport Management. This forced the examinees at the driving test to wait long to obtain a driving license.  

The latest decisions seem to bring much-needed change and progress in driving tests and the process of obtaining a license. If implemented timely and effectively, this would bring convenience and much-needed relief to the public.

Are you delighted with the decision to implement a lenient 70-marks policy for driving license test? Do share with us in the comments below.

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