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Traffic Police to Use Fake License Detector App

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division will soon start implementing a fake license detector app to authenticate potentially forged licenses. Prepaid by the Traffic Management Department, the License Verification Mobile Application will now only help identify fake documents; it will also help the law enforcers take action instantly on the spot.

If you have been carrying a fake license for your ride, you may need to reconsider your habit. Nepali traffic police have at their disposal a license authenticator that will read and confirm whether your driving license is legitimate or not.

The application was handed over to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division Chief, Police SSP Umesh Raj Joshi by the General Director of Traffic Management Department, Namaraj Ghimire at an event.

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How does License Verification Mobile Application work?

At the event, General Director Ghimire said the mobile application will scan the QR code found on the license. It will try and seek the data of licenses that are issued for one-year probation. The app would scan and verify the document almost instantly.

“If we find a rider violating traffic rules over 5 times, we may even revoke the license”, he said.

Meanwhile, Metro Traffic Division Chief Joshi said the application will bring relief to its operations. “Previously, there was no digital facility to authenticate a license’s legitimacy. We had to rely on Transport Offices for their verification.

Despite attempts, fake licenses are still rampant in Nepal. Pining it too time-consuming and “unreasonable driving license procedure”, many seek to take to forged license. This has led to more road accidents as amateur and semi-skilled riders also ride freely with fake documents.

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Metro Traffic Chief added that if anyone is carrying a fake license and found riding, they won’t escape from persecution. The application will likewise, help curb the use of such illegal documents in the future.

What is your take on License Verification Mobile Application? Will it be effective in containing fake licenses and road mishaps? Do leave your opinion in the comments below.

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