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Supreme Court starts online system for case registration

Supreme Court launched an online system for case registration on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. The e-registration system was inaugurated by the chief justice Bishwambhar Prasad Shrestha at a ceremony in Kathmandu.

The electronic system is expected to make public service delivery fast and efficient. It goes without saying that it removes the public’s need to visit the court physically while also improve their experience with the judicial proceedings.

The system will also shorten case registration time. Currently, the system only allows writ registration. Eventually, the court plans to add more procedures for cases online. Part of the government’s drive to deliver e-governance and realize digital transformation, this online system will aptly address the needs of those people who can’t make a physical visit to the court or are distant from the court.

The SC also publishes its judgments online. Being able to register a case further elevates the public’s experience with e-governance.

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Online case registration at the Supreme Court

While addressing the inauguration ceremony, Chief Justice Shrestha stressed that everyone should be informed about this online case registration at the Supreme Court and demanded commitment from all to make it successful. He mentioned that the system rids the public of the need to visit the court physically. “The administration of justice will be facilitated and cases can be registered from anywhere in Nepal,” Shrestha added.

Likewise, Govinda Prasad Ghimire, Information Officer of the court, said that user ID and password are required to file a case (currently writs only) online. After creating a user ID, the case can be registered online. “During that time, if the case is not registered, if something needs to be corrected, or if information needs to be added, that information will be given through a call,” he said.

Similarly, today the court has also started a system to inform about the court hearing dates in a move to make it paperless.

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