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VoLTE service proliferates in Nepal, Find latest NTA data

The number of VoLTE users is growing in Nepal. Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)’s latest MIS Insight report for Ashoj shows that there are currently over 22 lakh VoLTE users in Nepal. It’s a great indicator for the telecom industry which reflects the subscribers’ growing access to modern and advanced mobile services.

The report shows that Nepal Telecom (NTC) boasts over 13.77 lakh VoLTE users. On the other hand, the private telco Ncell also has around 9 lakh VoLTE users. For the unaware, VoLTE is a 4G-based mobile service. VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE and provides HD voice calls. The biggest advantage of it is that users can simultaneously use mobile data for the internet while also making phone calls. In a traditional scenario, it’s not possible. When a user is on 4G and places a call, the network switches to either 3G or 2G to execute the call. VoLTE unlocks the ability to use both call and the internet.

Nepal Telecom and Ncell, the two telecom giants in Nepal provide VoLTE service to their 4G users on compatible handsets.

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VoLTE users in Nepal

The report shows that Nepal Telecom (Ntc) has 13 lakh, 77 thousand, and 403 VoLTE users on its network. Similarly, Ncell has a user base of 8 lakh, 80 thousand, and 68 users enjoying its VoLTE service. In total, 22 lakh, 57 thousand, 471 users use VoLTE service in Nepal.

Telecom operators  Number of VoLTE users (VLR)
Nepal Telecom1,377,403
Ncell 880,068

But this number could be even more. The above data comes from NTA’s MIS report for Ashoj. As it’s already running Magh, there could be more subscribers added in the next three months. But we can still count on the data to be authentic as it’s VLR (visitor location register) data meaning it shows exactly the number of unique users latched to the network.

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In Nepal, Nepal Telecom started VoLTE service on May 17, 2021, and Ncell started it in early 2022. The service works on a 4G network and also requires activation on a 4G/VoLTE-supported handset.

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