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Ncell roaming pack in India: Find rates and validity

Ncell has set its new roaming pack for customers visiting India. The company recently announced an affordable roaming plan for customers expecting them to be useful for users who frequently visit or are in India and want to use Ncell services.

Roaming is a great service to have as it allows subscribers to stay connected with their family and friends easily on mobile when they are out of the country. Ncell has been providing roaming services for Nepalese at affordable rates.

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Ncell roaming pack for India [Data, incoming/outgoing call rates, SMS, more]

Ncell says that users who subscribe to the roaming service in India will get 500 data packs daily, while there are significant discounts on voice and SMS services too. Likewise, users get 32% off on receiving incoming calls and dialing any Indian number under PAYG (Pay As You Go). To illustrate, receiving a call and dialing numbers in India will come at Rs 16.48 per minute after roaming activation. Similarly, per SMS charge is set at Rs 6.34 after 29% off under the PAYG plan.

Ncell roaming data pack for IndiaIncoming call rate
/outgoing call
500 MBRs 16.48Rs 1003 daysRs 6.34*17129*5#

The Ncell roaming service pack in India costs Rs 100 only with three days validity.

The service was launched on February 2nd. The telco expects Nepalese living in Birgunj, Nepalgunj, Janakpur, and other areas who frequent India on a usual basis to benefit greatly. Many small and medium enterprise runners and pilgrims from these areas go to India. They can now execute the cost-efficient Ncell data pack in India. Besides, those who will need to make an immediate trip to the South will be able to take advantage of this roaming pack.

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How to get Ncell roaming activation in India?

To get the Ncell roaming data pack in India, you need to dial *17129*5#. But depending on your ease, you can also activate the service through the Ncell mobile app, websites, and other digital platforms.

Ncell roaming service for India activates after purchasing the pack and afterwards, users can benefit from affordable incoming and dialing rates in India and browse the internet. Depending on the need, users can resubscribe to the roaming pack and connect to their family and friends in both India and Nepal. For more on Ncell roaming packs and rates, let us know in the comments below.

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