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You Can Call a Ncell Number Without Balance, How? Find Details

If you were unaware, you can make Ncell call without a balance on your SIM card. It is possible by what is called a low balance call. If you have run out of balance or a voice pack, you can always resort to this trick. However, it requires a bit of step to start using the service. In this post, you will know everything about the zero balance call in Ncell SIM cards, including costs, limits, steps to use, etc. Keep reading.

What is a low balance call in Ncell?

Low balance call on Ncell is a value-added service (VAS) by the private operator to allow its users to make calls even without a balance or zero balance. The service works only within the Ncell network. That is it works within a Ncell-to-Ncell network scenario.

Basically, the idea is that if the caller has no balance in the account, the receiver will pay the fare to the telco. In the end, the operator earns the costs for the service which is equally beneficial to the customers in situations where a call becomes a must.

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How to activate low balance call in Ncell?

You don’t need to activate the service. It is activated during each call. If you ever run out of balance, you can use the service.

How to use?

To make a low-balance call in Ncell, you need to dial 17102 followed by the number you want to call. If the receiver accepts, the balance will be deducted from the receiver’s main balance.

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Low balance call code in Ncell

Follow the steps below to place a low balance call in Ncell:

  • Dial 17102 followed by the number you want to call. For example, 17102980xxxxxxx.
  • When the receiver picks up the call, it will work as any normal call.

How to receive such calls?

You might rather be vexed to know how it works for the receiver. Below, you find out the steps to accept a low balance call in Ncell:

  • When someone dials a low-balance call, you receive a voice message.
  • Press 1 to accept the call.
  • Now, the call will initiate.

Note: The tariff for low-balance calls in Ncell is the same as regular calls.

Low balance call cost in Ncell

As stated, there’re no extra costs for using the service. You are charged the standard per-minute call rate of Rs 1.62 which becomes Rs 2.05 after government taxes. The only thing to remember is that the balance will be cut from the receiver’s main balance, not the caller’s.

Also, remember that the call won’t be successful if the receiver also doesn’t have a balance on the SIM card.

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Daily limit

Yes, the telco does have enforced a limit on the number of low-balance calls a user can make daily. As per the company, you can make 4 low-balance calls a day. Each call will be counted as one after the receiver picks it.

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