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How to Check Own Number in Ntc, Ncell, and Smart Cell?

Once in a while, we come to a situation where we ask ourselves, “How to check my own number?” or “What’s my phone number?”. We tend to forget it because finding out our number is not a must or the process to find it is easy even if it doesn’t come to our mind right away. But knowing the process beforehand is very useful. So, in this post, you will know the easiest ways to find your SIM card number for Ntc, Ncell, and Smart Cell.

It is vital when you need to orally give someone your phone number or your phone is switched off. And not knowing your own number could make you blush or even embarrass you. Anyway, there are three operators in Nepal, as stated above, Nepal Telecom (NTC), Ncell, and Smart Cell. Let’s get to the steps to find numbers on these networks.

Remember: These steps for all networks are basically the same as the USSD code method with the digital being the difference. But the method is only valid on GSM mobile service and won’t be applicable to CDMA service. Also, note that the steps don’t tell you the name of the SIM card owner. It’s only about finding out the number of SIM cards currently being used on a phone.

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How to check own number in Ntc?

Ntc is a state-backed operator in Nepal. It provides various number ranges of numbers mostly beginning with 98460, 98560, 98510, etc. for prepaid and postpaid respectively. To find out your mobile phone number in Ntc, do the following:

  • Go to your phone’s dial pad
  • Enter *9# and call
  • You will get a screen showing your phone number.

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How to check own phone number in Ncell?

Ncell is a private operator in Nepal owned by Malaysia-based Axiata Group. The telco provides numbers that are mostly identified by its first three digits 980, where the first two digits “98” is followed by a “0”. The steps to check your own number in Ncell:

  • Dial *903# or *103#
  • The upcoming screen interface will produce your phone number. It’s just that easy.

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How to check own number in Smart Cell?

Smart Cell is another private telco in Nepal providing mobile services largely in urban areas. The telco provides 4G and 2G networks for broadband and voice. Below are the steps which help to check the Smart Cell number:

  • Open the dial pad
  • Dial *134#
  • The next screen shows you your Smart Cell number.

Additionally, you can use the mobile app of each telecom operator to check your phone number. The app interface would make it easier as it doesn’t require a USSD code.

Download the mobile app on Play Store: Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Smart Cell

If you need to know more about each company’s phone number range and about other topics, we would love to keep you informed. Just leave your curiosity in the comments below.

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