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Pokhara University revises curriculum for Science and Technology

Pokhara University (PU) is implementing a revised curriculum for its Science and Technology courses for its upcoming academic session. The university says the faculty of Science and Technology will have a new course in the upcoming session.

Previously, PU had revised the curriculum back in 2011 with minor changes in elective courses between the years. The revised courses get subjects that include subjects relating to developing innovative skills.

Under the new curriculum, PU has mandated a 3-month internship in its 8-semester program. Also read: Kathmandu University Begins LUPIC-Based Classroom and Lab

The new courses will bridge the gap with the market and evolving trends likewise, helping students to keep themselves updated with the market demands.

Science and Technology Dean Profession Rajesh Kumar Thakurathi said, “Now, students will be able to study subjects that are in demand in the markets. The new curriculum is close to what the market needs.”

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PU worked on its new curriculum for six months. The students enrolled for the upcoming session will read the newly revised curriculum at the university situated in Lekhnath, Pokhara Metropolitan City.

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