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Online Map Pass Begins in Kathmandu, Digital Map Ready in Just 25 Days

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has started an online map pass system (Naksa Pass). Announcing via a video post on Facebook, the city’s mayor Balen Shah said that the service has begun at its full capacity on Friday, April 14.  

Shah said that the revised and improved service of online map pass in Kathmandu will shorten the process to 25 days. Presently, the same service takes around 2 to 3 months.

“Earlier, there was an electronic system in map pass, but there was only tracking,” he said, “but there was a problem of visiting one to another station and one to another desk. The process was very long. Our server was also slow.” He added that the online map pass system has been made fast and automatic by changing the server recently.

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Online map pass in Kathmandu

“You don’t need to print your map anymore. You don’t need to keep a map book. If you let an engineer make a map, it enters the system of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City in a digital form. And, from the same system, go to the architect, structural engineer, pay the tax, and the map can be prepared digitally within 25 days,” said Shah.

“the map can be prepared digitally within 25 days”

Balen Shah, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City when speaking of online map pass system

Similarly, the whole process of revenue payment, setting the date of field visits, and permission up to the plinth level can be availed online without going to metropolitan or subordinate offices. Check out: Kathmandu to Get an Intelligent Traffic Light System

Shah said the shift to digital means will help eliminate middlemen practices, and financial irregularities and make the process more transparent and straightforward.

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