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Use Nabil Mobile Cash Service to withdraw Without an ATM Card

Leading commercial bank Nabil Bank has started the Nabil Mobile Cash service which allows you to withdraw cash from ATM machines without a physical card. In another word, the cardless service is a replacement for regular ATM cards and comes with a few thresholds.

The Mobile Cash service brings you the convenience of withdrawing cash without carrying an ATM card.

To enjoy the service, you need to link your ATM card to the mobile banking app of the bank.

But also learn that there are thresholds on the withdrawal amount. You can withdraw a maximum of Rs 25 thousand each session. Likewise, you can withdraw up to Rs 1 lakh maximum a day.

In a month, Nabil allows you to dispense up to Rs 4 lakh through the cardless cash withdrawal service.

Nabil Bank Mobile Cash ServiceWithdrawal threshold
Per sessionRs 25,000
Per dayRs 1 lakh
Per monthRs 4 lakh

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How to withdraw with the Nabil Mobile Cash service?

  • First, log in to the mobile banking app of the bank.
  • Tap on the Mobile Cash option.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Now, enter the remarks and ‘Submit’.
  • You will receive an OTP which is valid for 30 minutes.
  • Visit your nearest Nabil Bank ATM outlet.
  • Select the ‘Cardless’ option on the ATM machine.
  • Enter the OTP you received earlier and enter the amount to withdraw.
  • The amount entered must be the same as you entered on the mobile banking app. This is vital to authenticate.
  • Now, the ATM machine dispenses the cash if the details match.  

The private commercial bank has largely focused on elevating the customer experience with digital and innovative banking services. Earlier, the bank started the Nabil Cash Machine which allows both cash withdrawal and deposits digitally.

The Mobile Cash service by Nabil adds another tier of digital banking service.

How do you like the idea of using the Nabil Mobile Cash service to withdraw cash? Would you rather wish for a higher withdrawal threshold? Do share with us in the comment below.

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