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Online visas for foreigners coming to Nepal: Online payment

The Immigration Department has started providing online visas for foreigners coming to Nepal from Friday, February 09.  The service is part of the office automation and online payment as the department seeks to extend its online services to deliver customers’ convenience.

General Director of the Immigration Department, Rudra Singh Tamang shared that the online visa work has begun. He also added that employees at the department can perform their office work from home thanks to the automation. The department has started using digital signatures to replace hand-written signatures.

Tamang said that the automation helps foreigners get online visas to Nepal, and extends its validity. Likewise, they can obtain trekking approvals, and make their payments online.

“Except for those who take non-tourist visas on the basis of relationship and marriage, others do not have to come to the department. All the process will be done online and finally, the visa sticker can be affixed by the department or any immigration office in Nepal.

The service of online visas for foreigners coming to Nepal will facilitate the foreign nationals’ trip into the country and help with their travel experience. Notably, Tribhuvan International Airport provides QR codes to verify visas. The automation though takes it to next-level convenience.

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Immigration Department payment can be made online

Immigration Department says that payment for its services can now be made online with any bank’s mobile banking apps or digital wallets. For payment, eSewa, ConnectIPS, and Khalti can be used.

The online system at the department is also able to check up on the status of the customers’ online forms and online payments.

To facilitate faster service delivery, email, and SMS services are also used. For the digitally unversed, employees and other assistants will process the customers’ services.

The online system of the Immigration Department has been interconnected with the Councilor Service, Customs, Interpol, Education, Communication Ministry, etc. Interoperability is a major leap in bringing multi-tiered services to the customers. Soon, national ID cards and vital registration will also be incorporated. Likewise, cross-border payment will be integrated for foreign nationals. This will immediately be followed by the launch of e-visas. For now, ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) has been implemented. With ETA, any foreigner can apply for a visa from anywhere around the world. Carrying an ETA, a foreign national can enter Nepal with legitimacy.

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Additionally, the Immigration Department says that citizens headed to UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc. can fill out and submit self-declaration forms online. The department has worked with WorldLink to improve connectivity in its office at the Tribhuvan International Airport.

After online visa works begin entirely, the Immigration Department will provide its services 365 days from 7 AM to 7 PM.

How do you like the idea of an online visa service initiated by the Immigration Department? Do you think it will be effective in providing the visa service to the visitors and reinforce the automation in the right direction? Do share your input in our comment section below.  

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