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Tribhuwan International Airport to Issue Visas with QR Codes

Nepal’s first and only international airport Tribhuwan International Airport has started issuing visas with QR codes. With this facility, passengers will be able to verify their visas remotely on the internet.

Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Narayan Pandey inaugurated the service on Sunday 20th February. He kick-started the service by producing a system-generated visa that came with a QR.

The facility is a transition away from the traditional method when the officers verified the visa and pasted a sticker before handing it over to the passengers. With this smart system, passengers will have the convenience of authenticating visas online through a QR code.

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Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, General Director of Immigration Office, Tribhuwan Int’l Airport called it an important step towards digitalization of its immigration administration. “Starting from the TIA, the smart visa verification feature will expand to other immigration offices around the country”, he added.

The system-generated visas will spare the passengers long queues at the airport and thus save time. It seems likely to prove a major new feature that would bring a noticeable relief to the passengers regarding their visa authentication at airports.

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