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ATMs at Tribhuwan International Airport to Ease Payment

The authorities have started adding ATMs at Tribhuwan International Airport. The move comes after the Immigration office issued a request to the tourists to carry USD200 to get the on-arrival visa citing difficulties in electronic payment.  The unpopular decision is already rescinded but the ATMs will help with the physical cash payment facility at the busy airport.

In addition, POS machines have been set up to ease off the inbound tourists to help with payment.  

Prior to this, the airport had just one ATM but was damaged. The new ATMs and POS will alleviate the humdrum surrounding the payment system. If anyone needs to withdraw cash, they can do it right away with the help of the ATMs.  

The airport spokesman Teknath Sitaula informed that Rastriya Banijya Bank has set up an ATM in the passenger arrival hall and two POS machines and one ATM in the departure hall at the airport.

He informed that one ATM is now ready to operate in an internal office area. When Civil Aviation Authority designates space for the machines, they will come into use. It is expected that ATMs will come to use by next Tuesday.

Earlier, the Immigration Office had urged visitors to take USD200 to get an On Arrival Visa after the authority faced issues with digital payment. Soon, the news drew backlash with people accusing the airport officials of being complacent and incompetent. The Immigration Office has already held back from its decision though.

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More ATMs at Tribhuwan International Airport

The airport did have one ATM but it stopped working. It faced issues accepting Master and Visa cards. A problem like this in the most lucrative season for tourism didn’t go unnoticed by the government with the Home Minister Balkrishna Khand directing the concerned authority to find a solution at the earliest. The minister had asked for additional ATMs at the airport, Gorkhapatra reports.

 Immigration Department’s General Director Narayan Prasad Bhattarai then led a committee to address the issue.

Tourism had suffered an overwhelming loss after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with Coronascare going downhill, tourism is showing signs of revival.

As per the data, 2 thousand tourists have arrived in Nepal from April 1 to 10. the number is likely to increase as Summer approaches in Nepal.

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Which is your favorite mode of making transactions? Would you prefer physical or electronic payment if you had both options? Do leave a comment below.

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