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Sajha is Converting fuel vehicles into electric vehicles

After inaugurating the public EV transport service, now Sajha is converting fuel vehicles into electric vehicles. The company has decided to forward its environment-friendly initiative in multiple phases. For the first phase step, one of its own fuel vehicles will be transformed into an EV.

The plan is part of Sajha’s E-Conversion or ‘ICE Engine to Electric Drive Conversion Project’.

The conversion involves an ICE engine, gearbox, and fuel tank being replaced with electric motors, and a battery pack.

Sajha says it will start converting other fuel-based vehicles into electric ones after its vehicle is successfully converted.

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Sajha is Converting fuel vehicles into electric vehicles

Mahendra Raj Pandey, the CEO, of Sajha Yatayat, says, “Currently we are converting our own fuel-based vehicle. If this succeeds, we will convert other vehicles too.”

For the fuel to electric vehicle conversion, Sajha has announced a tender of Rs 1.70 lakh for the ‘electric conversion kit’. The kit includes equipment required for the conversion such as electric propulsion, battery system, controller system, and on board charger. The hardware will transform old fuel vehicles into eco-friendly electric vehicles.  

Sajha is Converting fuel vehicles into electric vehicles
Sajha tender for e-conversion project

The historic transport service provider has lately emphasized service via electric vehicles. The company has started public transport through 3 electric buses while more buses are ready to ply the roads soon. Also see: Sajha Electric Buses Starts Plying in Kathmandu

Earlier, the government approved the conversion of fuel vehicles into EVs under the Transport Management Act. This allows you to convert your old fuel-powered vehicle into an electric ride. The EV trend is rising and more and more are subscribing to the idea of the greener and eco-friendly option.

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