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Ncell Double Majja Pack: Double data as a bonus, how to activate, cost

Ncell has launched its Double Majja Pack with more data volume to subscribers. The latest offer is the relaunch of Ncell’s popular data pack with the same title but with more benefits. Find out the data volume, cost, validity, and activation code for the Ncell Double Majja Pack in this post in detail.

The Ncell Double Majja Pack starts at Rs 150 for 5 GB of data. Users with different internet needs can subscribe to different packs in this offer. We have more details below.

Ncell Double Majja Pack

With this offer, you can subscribe to a 5 GB data pack priced at Rs 150 or an 8 GB pack at Rs 200 with a validity of 7 days. But for the premium internet consumption, you have the option to buy an 88 GB pack at Rs 888. This largest pack in the offer has a validity of 28 days.

Ncell Double Majja PackCostValidity
5 GBRs 1507 days
8 GBRs 2007 days
88 GBRs 88828 days

If you surf the internet occasionally only, then the 5 GB or the 8 GB pack could be sufficient. However, for watching videos and browsing the web, the 88 GB should be your choice. It’s got longer validity and a high volume of data to enjoy. Additionally, the 4G data speed of Ncell will elevate your user experience.

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Double Data Double Majja

The reason it’s called the Double Majja pack is that you can get the double data after subscribing to the pack. Let’s illustrate. If you repurchase the pack before its expiry, you get double the amount of data on the existing subscription. For eg, if you have bought the 8 GB data pack and again repurchase the same pack within its validity period is seven days, you will get 16 GB data volume as a bonus.

Also remember that the Rs 150 and Rs 200 Double Majja pack gives you the validity of 28 days for the accumulated data while for the Rs 888 pack, the validity extends to a total of 60 days.

Ncell Double Majja Pack Activation Code

To buy the Ncell Double Majja Pack, you need to dial *17123# code and follow the prompts. You can also use the Ncell mobile app or use the telco’s authorized channels to purchase the pack.

Ncell believes that the relaunched Double Majja pack will offer higher value for customers and help them stay connected at a reasonable cost. The company says that users can subscribe to the pack as many times as they want within the validity period and enjoy the bonus data.

At the same time, Ncell has launched a combo pack that includes 4 GB of data, 100 minutes of all-net talk time, and many digital services at Rs 220 (including taxes). The validity of this combo pack is 7 days.

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