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Mero Job app gets revamped: Now it’s easier to find jobs, and get alerts: Find everything you need to know

Nepal’s number one online job portal Mero Job has revamped its Mero Job app with a slew of new changes and updates. The app’s new interface gives users a direct view of the interest fields for employment and users can create a profile for job recruiters to check them out while the job notifications always keep you alert about new vacancies for your preferred field. With the Mero Job app, you walk with jobs in your pockets. Here are all the new changes you get with this popular job app in Nepal:

Mero Job app features

From the power of a simple and efficient user interface (UI) to getting real-time job notifications, to a profile creation feature that helps you stand out in the crowd, here are the top features of the upgraded Mero Job app:

Embrace the power of simplicity

The Mero Job app is defined by its simplicity and its effectiveness. The app now has a revamped user interface that guides you toward your next important career step. The easier navigation in the app elevates the users’ endeavor of searching through the jobs on the app.

mero job app

A profile that catches everyone’s eye

Landing a job is easy with the Mero Job app but it gets easier with a profile. Complete your profile with your all good qualities and make it a highlight. Display your education qualification, work history, and skills so that you stand out. The competition in jobs is high and you need to race against time to seize the moment. Make every possible recruiter interested in you. In the virtual world, make your qualities speak for you.  

mero job profile

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Apply filters for the job you prefer

The MeroJob app lets you filter the jobs which makes it easier for you to get the job vacancies that fit your preference. The app is the gateway to a thousand of jobs and the number could overwhelm you. However, you won’t have to go through the hassle. The app simplifies the process to help you land your next dream job.  

apply for jobs on mero job app

Opportunities in your pocket

The Mero Job app ensures that no job opportunities slip through you. The app sends instant notifications of new job vacancies available for you. The platform lets you choose which types of jobs you would be interested in and whenever one is available, the app issues you a notification. Whether you are basking in the sunlight, sipping tea or coffee, or walking, you get those alerts on the go.

how to create mero job account

Easy registration process

Registering for the Mero Job service is easier and faster than ever. Download the app, sign up, and start looking through the jobs that fit your qualifications, skills, motivation, and passion. With the Mero Job app, you have the key to the next job you have been waiting for.

merojob features
From the Mero Job portal

Mero Job is Nepal’s most trusted online job portal with thousands of job vacancies available. The platform has jobs from all the major fields including IT, administration, teaching, etc. Mero Job is available through its webpage and its mobile application. If you are looking for a job, MeroJob platforms will be your default bet.

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