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Nepal’s First Digital Marketplace eLance Digital Media Goes Live

“eLance Digital Media”, Nepal’s first digital marketplace has started its service. The company recently inaugurated its service before a wide press meet.

If you need to run your ads on Facebook, design excellent graphics for your business, or promote your products through effective marketing, eLance will have your back.

The company eLance Digital Media is capable of all digital practices for marketing business and service. The online startup can help you run ads, promotions, branding, and all that you need to prosper your business.

eLance runs its digital marketing venture from The company claims it to be Nepal’s first-ever digital marketplace.  

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Elance Digital Media for digital marketing needs

The company is backed by a group of extremely dedicated individuals with proficiency in digital marketing, ads campaign, and ICT-related works. This enables the company to handle all things tasks to designing websites, and search engine optimizations. Besides, the company also undertakes social media marketing, Google ads, multimedia, etc.

eLance Digital Media

eLance is already a thriving name for digital marketing assistance. However, the company started the digital venture to efficiently provide its services to more clients. Now, the company believes it can better optimize its schedules to cater services to all its customers.

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On the launch of the service, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of eLance Tarumita Samal said, ‘Every day, we received a deluge of calls on graphics packaging design, logo design, Facebook advertising, and all services relating to digital marketing. However, we couldn’t serve all, as we’re always busy with other customers who were our monthly package subscribers.”

“This didn’t allow us to accept orders and we realized the need for a market where anyone can buy the service package they need. Now, our customers can directly buy our services no matter how big or small the service is,” she added.

With online businesses growing and demands rising for digital services, a digital marketplace like eLance will be more relevant in the coming days. Are you eager to learn more about eLance Digital Media? Do leave a comment below for any queries.

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