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Find Every Alley with The Galli Maps App, Find Details

The Galli Maps app has been launched to help smartphone users find the alleys as they navigate through a city. Designed and developed in Nepal, the mobile app enables users to locate houses and landmarks, which is not easily possible on other digital map services.

The company behind the app Airlift Technologies has released the app in beta phase on Play Store. But the company says the full version of the app will be out in a month.

The app may beg the question of why we should use it when we have the default Google Maps on our phones. But the utility of the Galli Maps App lies in that unlike Google Maps, Galli Maps helps us locate the alleys, and houses easily.

Besides, with the Galli Maps app, ordering your favorite products or foods would also become more convenient.

“Galli Maps is a mobile application designed and developed in Nepal. The purpose of Galli Maps is to help locate houses and landmarks. The name ‘Galli’ comes from the narrow alleys of the Kathmandu valley which is not visible on other map platforms,” the company says on its website.

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Features of the Galli Maps app

Airlift Technologies CEO and cofounder Raj Bikram Maharjan says that the Galli Maps app is developed after mapping the alleys (gallies) which are not visible on Google Maps.

“Presently, Google Maps is popular worldwide but it is not apt for Nepal. However, the Galli Maps app is developed by Nepalese to suit our country’s map needs,” Maharjan said.

Although in beta form, Galli Maps can act as an effective tool for locating our destinations. The app lets us search for house numbers. Soon, users will also get the popular 360 Street view, and find directions to a choice of location.

Meanwhile, you can also share the location with others.

The trend of using customized local maps is popular in many countries. India has Move Maps, and Russia has Yandex Maps. The Galli Maps app has also taken inspiration from such practices abroad. The Nepali maps app rids us of dependency on foreign maps service while we can also find gallies not easily possible on other maps apps.

Lockdown helped brew the idea for a Nepali map app

The idea was there and the lockdown helped to substantiate it, says CEO Maharjan. When the government enforced lockdown, home delivery services went sky high. But due to the maps coming short of giving exact locations, getting things home still remained challenging.

Galli Maps app

Airlift Technologies where Mr. Maharjan was already engaged was serving with drone mapping services for local bodies and engineering consultancies. Then, the idea of creating localized maps dawned on him.

He says the Galli Maps app can help show many missing streets and alleys not visible on Google Maps.

As the map is a localized solution for Nepalese, it uses Nepali vocabulary. The “Galli” in the app’s name itself refers to the alleys.

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To cover more “Galliles” soon

At the moment, the app has house ID numbers of Kathmandu Metropolitan, Kirtipur Municipality, and Kageshwori Municipality. Soon, it will have the house numbers of Lalitpur Metropolitan and other cities.

The app has been in the beta phase for 4 months and prior to it, it was in its prototype which took 1 year to build. On the other hand, the market research took the company around five months. Now, the company is preparing to launch the full version within a month. The app has so far cost 35 lakhs to build to the current state.

For now, the beta app has details of a select few cities. However, the company gradually wants to cover more areas on the app. In 6 months, the Galli Maps app will go beyond the valley.

Download the Galli Maps app: Android

What do you suggest to make the Galli Maps app better and more tailored to your needs? You can share your suggestions below in the comments.

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